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Posted by Local Skill on August 9th, 2022

Many talent acquisition executives tried to keep normal recruiting practices during the pandemic. The restoration to the status quo was delayed for months. The status quo could no longer be maintained.

While intimidating, it's also freeing since you're no longer bound by a playbook. Here's how you utilize lessons from the last 18-20 months to better compete for talent, enhance recruitment, and give the greatest applicant experience.

Find talent anywhere

Companies with big base of workers will have a more geographically diverse talent pool with work-from-home options. Some employees and job searchers in pricey metro regions no longer need to reside there to work or find jobs. Workers left these cities for their hometowns. You can find candidates everywhere thanks to remote work and talent dispersal outside conventional centers.

When location doesn't limit your talent pool, you can focus on hiring people with the talents and expertise that connect with your company's objective, not just those who are close.

That's a better use of a recruiter's time and more likely to lead to a job.

Flexible schedules

Many organizations have spent months contemplating how and where workers will work until offices are secure.

Talent pool diversification

Remote employment may improve diversity and inclusion in businesses. With access to untapped talent pools across the country and world, you can attract a more diverse team. The change to a remote workforce might also help you recruit individuals who find regular office visits difficult.

Humanize hiring

In these challenging times, recruiting should always be human-centered. Your empathy can calm prospects during the recruiting process. This can lead to a successful interview.

Include flexibility for working parents and anyone who may be struggling in your job descriptions. Personalize candidate conversations so they don't feel like they're talking to a bot.

You may text them. Virtual interviews require tolerance, empathy, and comedy since distractions happen.

The candidate's children may demand care, or their dog may bark at a delivery person. To put prospects at ease, tell them you recognize these aren't typical times and we can't separate our personal and professional life when working from home. Showing empathy during interviews will assist convince prospects to work with you.

Be flexible when doing the interview.

Ask applicants up front whether they need any special accommodations for the interview, such as utilizing a phone instead of video for those without a good internet connection.


The recruiting process got more human when many employees were compelled to work from home and rely on technology. You can't show off your offices and provide free lunches to candidates anymore. Open offices and pool tables won't energize candidates.

Human engagement between the hiring manager & IT, manufacturing or pharmacy recruiters and the candidate has grown increasingly vital. The focus has switched to your needs as an employer, your candidate's talents, and your relationship. As we hire and develop, let's maintain meaningful human contacts.

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