What is the concept of anti-static plastic?

Posted by qinaqians on August 16th, 2022

The antistatic plastic material is a antistatic plastic polymer material, and its surface area resistance level and antistatic amount are both greater than 10 to 12 energy. Therefore, plastic fabrics have very good insulating properties. Because of this, it must be very easy to create stationary electricity, as plastic materials and their commodities assist in making, coping, speaking, separating, friction, accidents, and electromagnetic induction, and even hard to stop these events.

If the surface area of ​​the plastic and the commodity are opposite: more than 10 times of energy, it can easily make the fixed electric power between 8-10 times with multiple anti-fixing efficiency, and the strength between 6-10 times with excellent antistatic comprehensive performance 8 grades It has an ideal anti-steady state function between -6 levels. When it actually reaches level 4, it has considerable conductivity and belongs to conductor semiconductor substances.

Prevention and treatment of anti-static plastics:

1. Add some materials that have hygroscopic effect but are harmless to plastics and plastics (auxiliaries) to reduce their surface area resistance. This is actually an antistatic agent for plastic materials. Choose a special antistatic agent that matches the type of plastic, both ionic and non-ionic are hygroscopic antistatics, probably after the introduction of these preservatives, these materials will process moisture from oxygen to minimize surface area. In order to achieve the overall performance of antistatic.

2. Directly use plastic materials with conductive components to make its products, which originate from conductive plastic materials (resins). From your existing residential market, most conductive plastic materials will still be black component conductive plastic materials, light colored conductive plastics are still in the growth method.


What is antistatic plastic material?

The use properties of plastic materials are

Basic properties of plastics

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