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How Macaroons became Thoothukudi pride? Reason one: Years back a baker from Thoothukudi happened to practice this recipe from an Anglo-India later the baker started making his own modification in its local tastes in Thoothukudi.

Reason two: Some also believe Portuguese sailors used a local labor from Thoothukudi for baking macaroons and this improvised is used in our current texture of what we taste now. Whatever may it be end of the day there are million of fan followers who dies for this.

It's mostly prepared by egg white/coconut milk, sugar and cashew nuts! The generous addition of cashew nuts in this meringue-cookie gives the crunchy and delicious tastes. No water, no oil and no secret ingredient! Mostly the price range goes around “One kg for Rs.600”. It's one of the unique snacks that sells by reputation, and naturally its makers are viewed as royalty.  The sales orders fly within a span of time as many boxes packed. Most of the manufacturing unit in Thoothukudi are in a tiny space between the wall and the display cabinets.

 “There was a time when the macaroons used to be stored in glass jars. But the rise in demand meant frequently opening them to transfer the contents”. It won’t taste the same five minutes later. The macaroon tends to absorb moisture and is best stored away in air-tight containers. The crunchy sugary tip gives way to a gooey cashew crumbs. there is no secret ingredient involved but the secret lies in the technique of blending each ingredient, crafting it hat shaped pastry and baking at its accurate temperature (macaroons are baked both in firewood and electric ovens). It is a unique blend of Indian and European pastry.

Dhanalakshmi Bakery is one of the oldest around the town in Thoothukudi. Though the bakery has lost its yesteryear fame, the nuttiest pearl macaroons is tempting even now. Around the city there are other popular bakery named Ganesh Bakery.

Industrialist started their toddler step, they are packed in aluminum packs and Halal certified. In fact, they got it started with the macaroon production after a company producing miniature versions. Even bakers have started improvisations like macaroons with Pistas and Chocolates have been tried. Some entrepreneur have failed to get the authentic taste when cooked in distinct states and local people believes it’s something to do with the land, there’s something in the air too. Thus most of them survive by exporting to different states.

For a hassle free shopping, there are plenty of online stores who delivers the same within three to four days of time. Definitely comparing to the junk food spread across the country "pearl macaroons are one of the healthiest. "Snack which has been carried out from your grannies but if the next generations have to be tasted its our responsibility to pass the tradition." Let they also experience the tastiest snack you had falling in love" 

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