How To Dump-out Credit Card Offers

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

You are probably affected and irritated by so many credit card offers that you receive in your e-mail. Most credit card applicants experience the same thing that you do. Most of the time, these offers are redundant in nature that the company you sign up with sends you one and the same offer, even those offers that you have already chosen.

Credit cards normally include offers that are given to applicants to choose from. There are offers that are so tricky enough that applicants get confused and later would apply then complain. What is needed when this situation comes is being clever enough to study the offer and read between the fine print lines.

Choose Wisely

The very first thing you have to do is to be contented with your credit cards. When you have two to three credit cards already and it provides a lot of convenience then be happy with it, acquiring another credit card will no longer be a good idea. Every time you apply, you will be asked to show the credit profile that you have with the other cards that you have. Credit companies will no longer let you have so many responsibilities and then forget the responsibility for them. They are always after your payment. And when you have so many cards, they will think about the future of the company with you.

Find and compare credit cards. There are so many things that credit card companies offer and they are alluring to the point that you will be convinced to sign up with them. Before you do that, try to do some research. Ask your friends and relatives about credit cards that have good offers to choose from. Shop around using the internet and ask for questions pertaining to the offer they give. You may also ring the company and personally talk with any representative and question every offer to make everything clear.

Speak their Language

When applying, always look for the terms and conditions of the company. In general, the terms and conditions are included in the contract that you and your company will sign together as proof of agreement. Terms and condition are body of rules that will govern the account that you signed with the lending company. The fees and other account sequences are written in that rule.

All cards possess unique rules that must be followed by the applicant. They also have their own schedule of rates and fees that are according to the companies' policies. When applying, one must always look after the following terms, for these are the most frequent offers that credit companies have:

-Annual Percentage Rate (APR) - the rate charged annually by the company in interest.
-Annual Fee - the annual fee asked by the company for owning a credit card.
-Grace Period - time set by the company when you can settle the debts without extra charges.
-Introductory Rate - a promotional rate given temporarily by the company.
-Other Fees - fees included in the terms and condition of the contract.

Activate Immediately

Activate your card immediately after receiving it. The more you defer the activation of your card the more offers will be sent to you. The activation of the cards will take six days for the company to remove your name from the list that they will send offers through mail. Imagine the time when you have not activated your account plus the 6 days for the company, how many offers will you still be receiving?

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