Understanding a Radiology Center

Posted by Amitava Sarkar on June 7th, 2016

As many people know, different kinds of doctors do different things. While most people have a general physician, sometimes these doctors aren’t what you need to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. General physicians are good for most everything, from handling illnesses to giving shots, but sometimes, you need to be referred to a specialist.

Often times, radiologists are a common specialty doctor that patients are required to see. If your general physician has referred you to a radiology center, understanding what they do and what kind of services they offer can help you get a better grasp on what is going on with you and your body.

What is radiology?

Radiology is a branch in the medical industry that uses imaging technology to help diagnose and treat problems within the human body. Though radiology can be a technical field to understand, many patients generally associate this particular specialty as getting x-rays, ultrasounds or MRIs. These are several things that radiology centers do engage in, but their role in diagnosing and treating illnesses can be more successful than a simple visit to your general physician.

What to Expect from the Radiologist

A radiologist, or the doctor who will be performing the exam and/or procedure, is a technician who is qualified and experienced in the field of radiology. They have taken special classes and been trained to perform examinations, not only with the patient, but with the x-rays and images involved with the appointment. The technicians are familiar with many illnesses and diseases as well that affect the body, so if you're unsure of what is going on with you, they can use their background experience to help move things along quicker.

It is important for you to speak up with your radiologist and let them know exactly what is going on with your body, because these professionals will then be able to correctly take an image of whatever part of your body needs to be diagnosed and treated.

What’s Treated

Even without an appointment with your general physician, if you feel that you need a visit to the radiology center, you can still schedule an appointment. There are many problems that radiologists can treat and diagnose, so it's important to see a doctor immediately if you are suffering from any health issues. Some of the services these technicians use to help treat and diagnose are:

*  Ultrasounds, performed by sonographers, help examine everything from the prostate to the breasts or female reproductive system. Ultrasounds are also available for obstetrics, which can help with neonatal brain and spine studies.

*  Female breast exams can be performed at a radiology center, which is a necessity for many women today. Mammography is a great preventative step to help prevent and treat breast cancer in women of all ages.

*  A general x-ray, one of the popular reasons many people visit a radiology center, is useful for more than just diagnosing broken bones. X-rays can help detect any problem, whether it's in your bones or in your lungs.

What to Expect

Scheduling your first appointment may be scary, but knowing what to expect before your visit to the radiologist can make it a little easier for you. Know that your technician is experienced with all of the services available in the clinic, so you will be receiving the best treatment that they can offer. A clinic that has up-to-date equipment means that they will use any method to diagnose you, as well as treat you with the best method possible. A short exam with your radiologist before the services are performed is going to allow you to get to know what your doctor, as well as let you explain everything that is wrong so that everything can be diagnosed accurately.

About the Author: Layla Robbins has been visiting Middletown imaging her whole life, for everything from mammograms to diagnosing joint pain. She has never had any problems with the centers and has finally found relief in some of her physical health problems thanks to her radiologists.

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