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Posted by David Root on September 26th, 2022

Keeping your joy and pride on the road is one of the most essential facets of car ownership. This becomes less of an issue when talking about brand-new or nearly new cars, especially because the product warranty still covers many cars with low mileage. When that expires and you're on your own, it's critical to go for Car Service Birmingham, which includes scheduling your vehicle's annual MOT.

Do I require an MOT?

Easily put, yes. It is mandatory as per law. It is necessary for every vehicle on UK roads to maintain a roadworthy condition.

Both for the original owner and other car drivers' safety. It's critical to remember that obtaining an MOT is not the same as having a car service. While servicing examines the mechanical properties and health of a vehicle, an MOT ensures that the vehicle is roadworthy.

How frequently should an MOT test happen?

The age of your vehicle determines whether it requires an MOT. Vehicles just over three years old are exempt from testing. However, once a vehicle has reached the third anniversary of its registration, an MOT test is necessary.

If your vehicle passes its test, you get a certificate that is valid for one year. Every owner must restore their MOT diploma before it expires, but only one month before. The rule is not without exceptions. Certain vehicles, such as ambulances, taxis, and private passenger cars with over 16 seats, must undergo evaluation under 12 months after they are first registered.

What is the purpose of an MOT?

When you keep your motorcycle or car in a carport for an MOT, a variety of tests will happen to determine if it complies with both road safety and environmental regulatory requirements.

It's important to keep in mind that the MOT symbolises a basic minimum that cars must meet at all times. It is not as simple as bringing your car up to speed every year. Specialist testing equipment is there to inspect everything from the vehicle's body panels to ensure there is no extreme corrosion, to exhaust emission factors, seat belt safety, windshield chips, and horn functionality. The MOT has undergone some adjustments as of May 20th, 2018.

What is an authorised testing centre?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency must authorise every garage that provides MOT testing (DVSA). At the garage, look for a blue sign with three white triangles.

Of course, it's critical to be able to take your vehicle to a shop you can completely trust in. You must take your car to a good garage for that matter. The members must follow a rigid code of conduct, providing motorists with complete peace of mind.

How about if my car's MOT fails?

If your vehicle does not meet the government's minimum environmental and safety criteria, you won't be eligible to use it on open streets. Regrettably, it is as simple as that. It is reasonable to appeal a test result, but many drivers will simply have work done to bring their car up to standard.

How can I increase the likelihood of my car passing its MOT?

Failing an MOT is bothersome, but millions of motorists face this situation every year. In accordance with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 1.5 million MOT failures occur each year due to minor issues such as blown bulbs, illegal tyre treads, and vacant windscreen washer fluid bottles. Taking a few minutes before an MOT test to inspect your vehicle and repair any flaws yourself, or hiring an expert garage to do just that, will save you hours and money in the long term.

I'm not sure if I have an MOT

The great news is that, because of the internet, you can now check whether your vehicle has a legitimate MOT and is usually covered by insurance in a few seconds. A government dataset containing all the information about your car can be easily accessed online if you have the vehicle's number plate and the most recent MOT test number or the V5C number.

What should I do if I've misplaced my MOT certificate?

If paperwork isn't your possible option and you've misplaced your test certificate, don't freak out. It is feasible to have one reissued without having to have a new test performed. You must get a replacement from any MOT testing station. However, you must also have the vehicle registration number. Then either the original MOT Birmingham test number or the V5C number of your vehicle on hand.

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