Organic Foods to enjoy during the Festive Season

Posted by Sahil Mehta on September 29th, 2022

The season of festivities has officially begun in India. All across the country, people will celebrate various festivals. From Onam to Diwali to Christmas, the upcoming months are sure to be filled with merriment. And the one thing that accompanies all joyous celebrations in our country is good food. This includes sugar-laden sweets and oil-dripping puris.

While many people entirely give up the prospect of eating healthier, the truth is that this is exactly the time period when you must pay attention or you might lose all your progress. While there is no harm in indulging a few times, it is advisable to consume organic seasonal fruits and vegetables and other organic food products instead. 

Organic Ways to Indulge during the Festive season 

Over the next few months, many people will also observe fasts. Even during these fasts, it is advisable to consume organic seasonal fruits rather than fried chips and other unhealthy fasting snacks. The following are some other ways in which you can enjoy the festive season without any guilt: 

1.     Organic Ghee 

Oils are usually restricted during the fasting period. Hence, make sure to choose organic ghee. Organic ghee is pure and you can rest assured that no added chemicals or preservatives were used. Organic ghee is free from adulteration, especially when compared to the ghee available in the market. You can opt for pure desi Gir cow ghee which is made using A2 milk. This milk is a rich source of A2 beta-casein protein. This is known to be extremely beneficial and low in fat. 

2.     Organic Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables 

Fasting refers to not just abstinence from consumption but also consuming only healthy and pure foods. Hence, you must opt for organic leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. Moreover, when consuming organic products, you can rest assured that there are no added preservatives or chemicals. Another important aspect of fasting is not harming any living creature which is also why many people choose to not wear footwear for nine days of the Navratri festival. Organic food products are grown without causing any harm to the environment or insects. It is also a great way of supporting local farmers. 

3.     Organic Makhana 

Another important fasting snack, the fox nut (makhana) is a rich source of protein. They are low in cholesterol and sodium as well as saturated fats. They are extremely beneficial for your cardiovascular health. They are also a good source of phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and magnesium. They are also low in calories, which mean you can enjoy them without the guilt of consuming unnecessary calories.

4.     Organic Dry Fruits 

Another food item that you can enjoy, if you are fasting. They are also a great option to offer to your guests.  You can also grind them and use the powder mixture for making ladoos. Dates can also be used for making barfi or dry fruit rolls. Thus, you won’t have to consume any added sugar while still enjoying the festive season. 


Apart from the aforementioned food products, make sure to consume a balanced diet consisting of organic leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds whenever possible. The festivals are also a time of much exhaustion and it is important to keep yourself fueled and energized at all times. 

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