Demystifying the Coin Collection Industry

Posted by capstonecoins on June 14th, 2016

For most people, coin collection is the last thing on their minds. To them, this is more of a pointless and boring hobby. Some perceive collecting ancient coins as something that reminds them of their grandfathers, who often had a basement or attic full of assorted hobby items. Oh, and lest you forget that these “miscellaneous hobby items” were always off-limits. Tampering with your grandfather’s collection was an express ticket to getting to their nerves.

No one can blame you for holding that view towards collectors or coins. Most of the renowned coin collectors in the world today would give a royal snub to adverts such as “we buy coin collections”. In the past thirty years or so, however, the coin collection industry has witnessed a significant expansion in learning. There are numerous excellent books as well as internet sites at the disposal of anyone interested in this field. This means that the coin collection industry is now more rewarding than it was before.

You no longer have to feel like you are in a mystery hobby, collecting ancient coins, which you know little or nothing about. The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is devoted to ancient coins. At the start of 2009, NGC launched a grading program. The program has already recorded high success since it was launched. In fact, it has inspired numerous novice collectors to boldly step in the coin collection industry because of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation’s expertise and reputation.

As a novice collector, it would be wise to get to understand how the different grading system work so you are not ripped off. Prior to rushing into searching for adverts saying “we buy gold”, having in-depth knowledge of how the industry works would perhaps be a good beginning. Grading systems are methods used to express the state in which the coins were preserved. In essence therefore, the amount of wear your coins have suffered will determine its grade. This may take into consideration the overall appearance of the coin you are selling.

Most of those who buy these collections have been exploiting coin collectors, which has contributed to giving the industry a bad reputation. That notwithstanding, it is your responsibility to choose a trusted buyers. A good buyer should always help you appraise your coins. They help you figure out what you have in your collection and present you with a value. You can however seek a second opinion by getting another appraisal from reputable numismatics such as NGC.


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