Credit Card Consolidation: First Step To Get Out Of The Debt Trap

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

If you need money and you also hold a card, then the first temptation is to borrow money from the credit card, i.e. take the loan from the credit card. It could be either in the form of an ATM withdrawal or through a loan. As it is the money, which is available most easily and without any formalities, the general notion is to use this channel to obtain loan. However, there is an in-built interest component built into it. This in built component is in the form of exorbitant rate of interest which raises the cost of the money taken in such a manner that it becomes a debt burden, which is very difficult to get out of. But one should not turn despondent and fret about the whole issue. One has become so much dependent on credit cards, and the incidence of defaults have increased in magnitude that some kind of solution was warranted. It has come up in the form of credit Card Consolidation. Quite of lot of companies have mow come into fray, seeing this as the business opportunity and are providing advice to the defaulters to clear their outstanding loans taken on the credit card. The agencies involved in the business of credit card consolidation scan the markets for the best options available, and then present this to the customer who has defaulted so that he can clear his dues. The mantra for those working for credit card consolidation is to provide solutions, which are quick and reliable. The options for credit card consolidation can be found by making an online search. This search would throw up a scenario whether credit card consolidation is the way to clear your dues or not. Process of credit card consolidation is adapted so that the status of finances, which have become precarious, can be streamlined and the financial status of the future can be secured. There are high profile lenders who provide the loan to people having a bad credit debt on the card, to facilitate in credit card consolidation. These high profile lenders even extend the help to chronic loan cases as well, by giving competitive rates, as also terms of repayments are flexible. The stigma of default is not disclosed to any third party, and the name and other related personal details are kept confidential. The USP of credit card consolidation is that it heralds a new beginning towards a future, which is debt free in a healthy way. This is done by bringing down the outflow of monthly installment towards repayment of the loan, thereby facilitating the savings of the hard earned money. How does the credit card consolidation work?

Let us presume that the outstanding balance on your card is $5000. Let us also presume that the annual rate of interest to be charged on the card is 20%. So, if the outstanding balance on the card is $5000, then you will have to pay $1000 as interest charges i.e. $5000x.20 = $1000 Mind you this does not include the finance and service charges which you would invite till the time the outstanding dues have been cleared. But where you to opt for credit card consolidation, here is how it would work: The outstanding dues on the card can be converted into a single loan with a lower rate of interest Now let us again go back to the workings done above. On an outstanding loan of $5000, interest of 10% per annum is going to be charged. Therefore the outgo during the whole year would be $5000x.10= $500 Then the annual saving after the credit card consolidation would be $1000-$500 = $500 and this would not include any service charges as well. Besides, the savings that you have made can be used to clear of the outstanding much faster.

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