Effective Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6073

Posted by Alex Nelson on December 16th, 2022

When you attempt to open the company file in a multi-user configuration, QuickBooks error 6073 frequently prevents the software from working. Other than this problem, different corporate file faults could interfere with your work.

The problem worsens when the mistake repeatedly occurs, freezes your computer, crashes any running programs, and crashes the system. How does it feel when, after all this, you cannot fix the problem so that you can keep working? This section will discuss the causes and a fix for QuickBooks Error 6073.

QuickBooks Error Code 6073 and 99001

Causes & Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6073

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6073

  1. Your version of QuickBooks does not match the system's version. Several methods have turned on the hosting.

  2. The user's rights and permissions are constrained.

  3. The administrator of the QuickBooks database is silent.

  4. Access to QuickBooks has been restricted due to firewall settings.

  5. The network data file has been corrupted or erased.

  6. The business file is either damaged or corrupt.

Check the Symptoms for Quickbooks Error 6073

  1. An error will appear if you attempt to open the file in single-user mode on any other machine.

  2. You will see an error if your file is stored in a folder that can only be viewed or read and you try to delete, alter, or rename the folder.

  3. If you host the records on a server like Linux Server and use various login credentials to access the shared folder.

Easy Solution to Solve QuickBooks Error 6073

Many times users search for the easy solution to the 6073 in their QuickBooks account. For that, read these solutions and apply them according to step-by-step methods without any issues.

Method 1. For versions after QuickBooks 2007

  • Open the company file and then close it in QuickBooks.

  • Open or restore any corporate file by clicking it.

  • Open a business file, then select next.

  • Select the company file from the list of company files.

  • Set the "open file in multi-user mode" checkbox to "yes."

  • Open your account and log in.

Method 2. Two: When the File is In Network Folder with Read Only Permissions

  • Utilise the system that hosts the corporate data file.

  • Find the company file folder in Windows Explorer, then right-click it and select Properties > Security Tab.

  • To modify the permissions, click the user.

  • Check the "Allow" box to enable all user settings.

Method 3: Type a New Name for Network Data File With.ND Extension

The network files used by QuickBooks to execute company files are known as ND files. Therefore, you must first resolve QuickBooks issue 6073 if your network data file is broken and corrupt.

  • To launch Windows Explorer, double-click on the Start button.

  • Find the folder containing the file you need to access next by searching for it.

  • Do right-click on the file there.

  • Extensions for ND files and QBW files.

  • Put OLD at the end of the network data file that has.

  • .ndold is the ND extension.

  • To save the changes, press Enter.

  • Launch QuickBooks and attempt again to access the company file.

Fix 4. Run the Quick Fix my Program

Fast Fix My Program ends the software's background operations and repairs the system.

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • Navigate to the Program Issues tab.

  • Choosing Quick Fix my Program.

  • Run the company file in QuickBooks after starting it.

Company File is Signed in Some Other System In Single-User Mode

  1. You must do this by closing the Quickbooks program on the computer.

  2. The company file on your host machine must now be opened in Quickbooks, which you must launch.

  3. The next step is to click on the File tab and select the multi-user mode option.

  4. You'll need to restart your system after that.

Company File is Started on the Host System in the Single-user Mode

  • To do this, you must first select the option to close the firm under the File tab.

  • The company file will then need to be started from scratch.

  • Then select the option to restore the firm by returning to the File menu.

  • After selecting the next option, click the firm file's name twice.

  • When finished, you must launch the multi-user version of the QuickBooks company file.

  • See if you can access the necessary company file.


I hope you get the easy solutions to solve the QuickBooks Error code 6073 to solve your accounting. You can apply the entire method step by step. These mentioned solutions are straightforward and understandable according to your needs. 

If you are still facing this error then feel free to contact us at +1800-615-2347. Our trained and highly experienced QuickBooks Support team will lead you.

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