Importance Of House Mold Inspection In Tampa And Fort Myers, FL

Posted by Anthony Lenard on January 12th, 2023

Moving into a new home calls for celebration. Unfortunately, a freshly painted interior does not indicate that the living area is free of problem issues. On the contrary, the new homeowner may suspect the presence of molds or mildew that not only affect one’s well-being but can seriously disrupt the peace of mind too. It helps to request a house mold inspection in Tampa and Fort Myers, FL, before moving into the new building.

The notion of investing in a period home that can be traced back to the days of the Civil war is romantic but will not be a realistic or beneficial plan until a thorough mold inspection is done. Remedial measures should follow soon after. Occupants that have been in their homes for decades may often be down with fever and respiratory problems. The constant dripping of water from the roof and a bathroom that cannot be dried perfectly are tell-tale indications of spaces that are likely to be infected with harmful molds.

Sure, mold inspection does not come cheap, for it warrants engagement with professionals who employ special equipment to detect molds inside and surrounding areas of the building. Such expenses are justified as it lets the homeowner find the truth and then take appropriate measures to clean the living area, thus ensuring good health.

Some of the reasons that make the inspection essential are the discovery of the following:-

· Presence of Mold - It is common knowledge that mold is a hazard that needs to be eliminated from one’s vicinity. The toxic mold invades the human body in multiple ways, often affecting the normal functioning of the lungs, heart, skin, and nervous system. Professional testing will reveal even traces of mold that remain invisible to the naked eye. One can take appropriate steps to protect one’s home once the existence of molds comes to light.

· Structural Damage- The organism is parasitic and thrives on cardboard, wood, tiles, and concrete. Molds have been found invading the drywall when left undisturbed. Molds that colonize freely may wreak havoc within the structure, causing dry rot to form. Old buildings often have to be razed to the ground to prevent infestation by mold and the spread of rot. It is essential to have the inspector check the obscure spots of one’s home and inspect the concealed areas that serve as prime breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

· Water Damage- It is essential to understand that humid and moist-laden areas spurt mold growth. Admittedly water damage increases the possibility of mold development as well. While a room may seem dry and well-maintained on the outside, a thorough inspection will reveal tell-tale indications of mold formation and infestation. The homeowner would be advised to address such problem areas at the earliest to keep the structure and occupants well protected from danger.

Requesting professional mold testing in Naples and Tampa, FL, not only enables one to discover the problem issues but also helps to protect the investment.

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