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Is FUT Chemistry Broken?

Posted by u4fifa in Games on June 28th, 2016

The FIFA community reckons it's exposed a "chemistry glitch" that proves a long-running theory about Ultimate Team handicapping. At the same time, we are a professional website online sales of fifa coins shop. We believe that quality products and professional service attitude will provide a comfortable shopping experience for you.

One FIFA player believes he's proved the chem glitch through the use of a skill move. Users on the FIFA subReddit have picked apart the way the football game works and believe they've proved a troubling glitch that might have been a part of the series for years.

Users reckon they've proved FUT includes handicapping - that is, teams comprised of highly-rated players feel sluggish. They reckon FIFA has been buffing low rated teams and nerfing highly rated teams without telling players.

In FUT, by playing cards in particular positions you can increase your chemistry stats. High chemistry can boost the stats of players. A low chemistry can nerf them. Chemistry is important for FUT because it can give you the edge in a match. Theoretically, anyway.

FUT players believe the most expensive cards in the game do not attribute this chemistry-related stat boost properly, and it's this glitch that makes the players feel sluggish in comparison to cheaper cards which do attribute the chemistry stat boost properly.

Right, now for the working out. FIFA players believe chemistry does in fact work for day one cards (normal versions of cards), but does not work properly for non-day one cards, even more expensive, better versions of the same day one cards. This is why the belief is that some expensive upgraded cards are actually worse.

The FUT community is in uproar over this because these expensive upgraded cards are rare, and so people have spent a lot of real world money trying to get them.

Reddit user RighteousOnix made a video, below, that reveals the glitch: he took a day one player whose dribbling stat was below 86 and was unable to perform the "no touch sprint step over" skill move, which requires 86 dribbling. That makes sense.

He increased the player's chemistry so the dribbling was above 86 and was able to perform the skill move. This works as expected.

However, when he took an upgraded version of the player (a non-day one card), who also had a dribbling stat below 86, and increased the chemistry, he could not perform the skill move. The increased chemistry had no effect.

There's a solid round-up of the situation over at r/games. As is pointed out, this stat issue is not made explicit to the player.

What do you think? Welcome to share your ideas below. Now all can be find in Here for more fifa 17 fun!

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Richard Betts
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