Get Nursing Help At Home: Explore the Advantages and Possibilities of Interventions

Posted by Health Heal on February 4th, 2023

There are situations when receiving medical care in the clinic that can cause difficulties and inconvenience. For example, it is difficult to transport a person, there is no extra time to wait in line, or each visit to the clinic is associated with psychological discomfort. For these patients, some clinics provide nursing help at home. In the article, you will explore which specialists can come to you, what manipulations to perform, and in what cases this is the best solution for the patient.

Benefits of home nursing help

First of all, a doctor who comes to your home is an opportunity to get help in a comfortable private environment. Besides:

• If there is an attack of pain, for example, with neuralgia or with an exacerbation of chronic diseases, then you can immediately call a doctor. He will not only provide medical care but also make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. If necessary, issue a sick leave. But it is important to understand that in an emergency, life-threatening situation, you need to call an ambulance when help is needed as quickly as possible.

• During the period of exacerbation of seasonal diseases, you do not need to go to the clinic and worry that you can contact sick people in the lobby or at the reception and catch a cold.

• If you have a baby, you do not need to adjust the consultation time in the clinic to his daytime sleep and then worry that he does not fall asleep on the road and does not start acting up at the sight of strangers. At home, the doctor can conduct an examination without even taking the baby away from toys or favorite activities, and such an appointment can be more informative and comfortable for everyone. Calm child - calm parents who will remember everything they wanted to ask.

• If the temperature of the child suddenly rises or severe pain, vomiting, or diarrhea begins, you do not need to collect it, especially when it is cold and frosty outside, and look for where they will take the little patient without delay, and then spend time on the road to the clinic.

• Finally, if you or your loved ones need constant care or need to undergo treatment with injections, or droppers, all this can also be done at home. The nurse will arrive at the appointed time and carry out all the necessary manipulations.

Important! There are cases when calling nursing help at home is a necessity. For example, when you feel unwell, independent movement can cause deterioration or the development of complications during recovery from injuries. “Health Heal” also offers home hospitalisation, health care at home, personal care services and elderly home care services.

Help at home: who can be called?

The list of specialists who can go home depends on the specific clinic. For example, a therapist, pediatrician, neurologist, cardiologist, orthopedic traumatologist, otolaryngologist, surgeon, urologist, rehabilitation specialist, or urologist can visit the patient at any time. At home, you can carry out diagnostics: ultrasound, ECG, EEG, blood, and urine sampling for tests ( tests for influenza A and B, rapid tests for immunoglobulins M and G, PCR).

Manipulations at home

In addition to doctors, paramedical personnel can come to patients to:

• Give an injection or put a dropper

• take tests

• Make a massage, conduct exercise therapy for prevention or as part of rehabilitation after accidents, injuries, or diseases of the central nervous system or joints

• Organize care for bedridden patients, seriously ill patients, or patients after rehabilitation - nurses will feed, carry out hygiene procedures, and make sure that the patient takes the necessary medicines.

Some home help clinics also provide patronage services. A nurse is provided to care for the elderly, disabled, and people with limited mobility.

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