Home Nursing Care: What About An Injection?

Posted by Health Heal on February 6th, 2023

Various reasons may justify home medical care, including the patient's age or disability. With the Covid19 pandemic, it would be better not to move from home in case of illness. Vaccinations and other injections can also be done at your address.

There are several kinds of injections to perform depending on your illness, your needs, and the medical prescriptions ordered by the doctor. The home care nurse is required to perform intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous injections. By always being careful to avoid unnecessary pain in the context of medical injections, sedatives, antibiotics, or intravenous injections for chemotherapy treatments, the home nurses take care to proceed with gentleness and respect with all patients in order to best promote their well-being and comfort on a daily basis.

Call the care and home help service

Several licensed providers are licensed to provide nursing care at home. These entities are made up of a multidisciplinary team, including paramedics and caregivers. In general, their services are covered by universal health insurance. More specific treatments can also be part of the offer in addition to injection service at home.

All treatments are normally subject to a medical prescription. Everything happens with the approval of the general practitioner, especially for patients who suffer from a chronic pathology such as hypertension or diabetes. That said, nursing care, such as grooming, can be provided on request. Routine dressings should also be done freely. Home nursing providers offer various advantages. In addition to reimbursement by social security, there is the possibility of dispatching specialists such as physiotherapist masseurs to their clients.

Ask for a nurse to come to your home.

Having become a hot topic with the pandemic, medical assistance at home is an alternative to traditional hospitalization. Professional injection service at home prevents patients from leaving their homes for a simple injection and exposing themselves to the risk of being contaminated. It is also a way of protecting others from one's own viruses. Home medical assistance is suitable for the elderly but also for all beneficiary profiles.

A self-employed paramedic or a professional home nursing team provides the service. In both cases, it is a private service that Social Security can reimburse. Universal health insurance covers a good part of the treatments. It will first be necessary to seek the agreement of a third-party payer in the event of complementary mutual insurance. In any case, the care is carried out exclusively under medical prescription. The nurse who comes to give the injection should go in no way support self-medication.

Get treated at home by the family doctor.

As usual, the doctor established on his own account can travel to his clients. He comes following a telephone request or as part of a routine visit. He can decide on a treatment himself or carry out treatment prescribed by his colleagues in a hospital center.

In the absence of an authorized assistant, the doctor performs an intravenous, a classic intramuscular injection, and various administrations. In certain situations, he brings in specialists in occupational therapy and physiotherapy. For autonomy concerns, the intervention of a caregiver is required. This professional takes care of the toilets and can take care of the food. She ensures that the patient treated at home takes his medication. This person can handle equipment such as electronic blood pressure monitors or perform oximetry. However, she is not authorized to provide newborn care at home, elderly home care services, ICU care and nursing care including injections. So, if you need medical and injection services, also rely on certified nursing professionals who provide injection service at home.

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