How to identify floating rust of seamless steel pipe

Posted by zora li on February 16th, 2023

The seamless pipe (cs smls pipe) passes through the billet saw section of the steel mill, and then is heated in the ring furnace - pierced - sized - straightened - cooled - saw head - packaged into a qualified finished product. Generally, it cannot be placed in the production workshop when it is delivered to the user. With so much inventory, dealers need to place some inventory, but dealers generally do not have large indoor warehouses, and even if they do, the cost is too high and it is not cost-effective. Most are open warehouses. If the seamless steel pipe is placed outdoors, it will inevitably cause wind and sun.

Secondly, seamless steel pipes are widely used in building construction. For seamless steel pipes, since the seamless steel pipes will also be exposed to wind and sun during construction and decoration, this will also cause rust on the seamless steel pipes. , Many seamless steel pipes have had a lot of rust, which can be divided into rust and floating rust according to the difference of rust. So how to distinguish between the two? Next, let's distinguish the relationship between the two:

Floating rust seamless steel pipe

Floating rust refers to a layer of rust floating on the seamless steel pipe, which can be removed with a towel or other things. Simply put, floating rust means that there is no rust, which is a normal state. The seamless steel pipe has been rusted for a long time. Seamless steel pipes that have been exposed to wind and sun outdoors for at least one year. There are large and small pits on the rusty seamless steel pipe. The biggest difference in rust.

When rust appears on the seamless steel pipe, it is necessary to make a correct judgment first, and then deal with the rust. It is necessary to choose a suitable rust removal method to save costs for the enterprise as much as possible. Seamless steel pipes are very useful in production and life, and are used all the time. Seamless steel pipe is a kind of steel with relatively good performance.

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