Buy Smart: Buying the Right Plain Tablecloth

Posted by homedrape on July 15th, 2016

If you are having a dinner party or you are just planning to catch up with few of your buddies, you must be thinking about different ways of decorating your table. A dining table can be a good place for various conversations to take place and if the setting is perfect, then it adds five stars to a get-together.

There are myriad of sizes, shapes, and fabrics that you can choose from the market. Over the years, the fabrics have been updated and refined according to demands of the customers. The advancement has resulted into modern linens that can withstand everything we throw at them. There are so many choices to give you the benefits and added the advantage of beautiful linens. You can buy plain dining table cloth in various colors and shades by keeping the interiors in perspective. You would not like to spend your money on something that will not look good and instead of enhancing the whole décor, dull it.

So it is necessary that you choose a fabric which will uplift your home décor without making it look boring and drab. There are various types of fabrics that have distinguishing features.


No other fabric can add the same elegance to a family event or a dinner party, so if you want to expand your collection by adding few new designs into it, the internet is the great place to find deals. Made from the flax plant, this traditional material has elongated fibers than cotton, for greater durability; that's why linen can pass down from generations to generations. No other material can replicate linen's rich weight, graceful drape, and cool touch, but the fabric requires little more attention.


Because it lends itself to embroidery and dyeing, easy-care cotton comes in plenty of styles, from intricate to vibrant and casual prints. A regular machine-wash cycle with stain treatments and bleach for pristine whites, followed by a quick touch-up with the iron, will make them wrinkle-free. If you're looking for low-maintenance fabric, cotton-polyester blends have more wrinkle resistance, but still, they retain some of the cotton's feel and look. Blending does cause cotton to lose some of its breathability, making the cloth a little stiffer to the touch.


Polyester, a chemically made synthetic fiber, is now refined as very fine yarn to mimic the weaves of satin, linen and other delicate fabrics for economical prices. Plain polyester comes in solid colors and stylish designs since intricate weaves and patterns conceal the shinier texture of the fabric. It dyes especially well, producing vivid, rich shades that are less prone to fading as compared to natural fibers - even after a couple of washing.

As the market has stupendous options, you can pick any according to your taste and preference. Homedrape also offers a large variety of plain dining table clothin a wide range of heart-warming colors. With amazing offers, you can find great deals on their website.

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