How To Avoid Large Amounts Of Credit Card Debt

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Credit card debt is one of the biggest financial problems in America today. Far too many people use credit cards to fund lifestyles that they really cannot afford, and eventually it will catch up with them in the form of debt.

The companies that issue credit cards know this all too well, and they market their credit cards to people who really can't afford to use them. They sell the image of being able to buy anything you want, whenever you want, and then sit back and collect the interest on the debt for years to come.

Now, obviously the best way to stay away from credit card debt is to simply never use a credit card. They can create too much temptation for many people, making it too easy to spend money they don't have.

As time passes, they'll spend more and more on interest charges and if left too long, they can put themselves in dire financial straits.

Never getting a credit card is really not feasible in today's world, however. They're necessary if you ever want to order anything over the phone or over the internet, and they can be helpful if used properly.

The following are 3 important tips for avoiding credit card debt:

- Don't carry your credit cards with you at all times. The temptation to spend is much easier to deal with if you can't just reach into your pocket or purse and pull out the card.

- If you really can't fight the temptation to overspend, put the card in a tupperware container or tin can, fill it with water and put it in the freezer. If you have to thaw your card out to use it, it will be a lot harder to spend on impulse.

- Compare credit cards when you are applying for one and look for the best terms - lowest interest rate and best payment terms.

If it's too late to avoid credit card debt, there are a number of steps you can take to deal with it including credit counseling or a debt consolidation loan.

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