What are the benefits of Electrical Engineering?

Posted by sophiafranklin on August 4th, 2016

Engineering is a very vast field. The 4 year course offers various specializations and Electrical Engineering is the one field of Engineering that is full of possibilities! The tasks of an Electrical Engineer involves designing-

  • Computers
  • Electronic devices
  • Systems for communication
  • Equipments for carrying out tests
  • Equipments for improving the systems

The highly skilled Electrical Engineers enjoy an edge over Engineers of other specializations as their job is fulfilling; they earn respectable salaries and over their entire job offers a broader outlook! Below are some of the benefits that an Electrical Engineer enjoys:

1)      Good Pay packages

Engineers are in demand all across the globe! That is the main reason why they fetch good pay packages. Poornima College of Engineering is among the top 100 Engineering Colleges in India and the students at the College every year experience successful placements in companies like IGATE, Infosys, TCS, Genpact, etc. Even in foreign countries like USA, there is a huge demand for electrical engineers. An electrical Engineer in USA draws ,540 as median yearly salary. Engineers working in electric power generation earn an amount upto ,787 per year.

2)      Variety in work

There are many disciplines in the field of Electrical Engineering. One can opt for power, electronics or microelectronics, communication; signal processing, computers and instrumentation. There is also a choice in the workplaces. For example- They can choose whether they want to work in a laboratory, industrial plant or in the comfort of an office. They can also work on certain projects that revolve around designing a system for communication; for wiring an entire building or for the operation of a power station. Poornima College of Engineering is one of the top B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur as the faculty of College polishes the skills of students through industrial trips and practical examples.

3)      Futuristic Growth

There are a lot of career advancement opportunities available for an Electrical Engineer. The ones who opt for further education can go for a Masters in their field of interest or can even pursue a Doctoral Degree. Adding up degrees to your resume is always a wise move as it brings to your doorstep highly paid jobs and also a better and respectful working environment. You can also earn certification in a field in which you want to gain expertise.

The social role that the Electrical Engineers play brings significant change in the lives of people. They solve practical problems with the help of latest technology.

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