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Posted by johnerickson on August 5th, 2016

Coolers and freezers don’t just help in maintaining an optimum temperature inside a hall or a room but are widely used in warehouses and industries where the mass produced goods need to be well-maintained and looked after. There are ideas that would help you create a walk in cooler on your own but why take the pain or the risk in building something that needs so much precision and use of power pack technology? On top of that, if your self-creation does not meet up to the registered industry standards then the concerned authorities would not actually approve of it. It is only because technology, no matter how effective and powerful it is, should pose minimum harm to nature. You could easily buy one online and also check for the size of the walk in cooler that you order. In terms of insulation you could choose the one with superior quality that offers the best cooling throughout. Moreover, the R-value of the walk in cooler or freezer should be considerably high because if it is not, then the temperature within would rise rather easily due to heat transfer. There are certain factors that determine the R-vale in the insulation-

1. Age of the insulator
2. Water-resistance capacity
3. Type of insulation
4. Thickness of insulation
5. Whether the insulation has voids and deviations throughout or not

Apart from the mentioned factors, an XPS (Extruded polystyrene insulation) works best even after years of service as compared to the other forms of insulation.

Then there could be other questions in your mind whether you really need a floor for your walk in cooler or not. The answer is that you could but then at the same time there are a number of things, which you would have to keep in mind and take care of in order to ensure that the functioning of the cooler does not degrade. Even the glass door that is supposed to be used should be of very high quality so that you do not have to face any complications later. If you are looking for specifications then there are companies which give you the flexibility to share your requirements with them and ensure that you receive the final product exactly the way you desired. Most retail suppliers do not offer this kind of service but once you look for the best one, you could get the best walk in cooler and freezer New York.

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