3 Tips About Waeco Fridges for Sale You Can?t Afford to Miss

Posted by mygenerator on August 8th, 2016

Waeco is a part of Dometic group that provides portable cooling solutions for camping needs, cars, RVs, and caravans. Their exemplary attitude towards energy conservation and reliable operation is reflected in all their products.

They have a wide range of portable thermoelectric coolers that are created to suit your all kinds of needs. All these portable coolers and fridges come in various capacities so that they can fulfil different cooling needs. They have ‘Cool Fun,’ ‘Cool Pro,’ and ‘Board Bar’ as their leading portable fridges. These three variants come in different capacities and are designed for a wide variety of needs. Another product of the cooling line are the Waeco Compressor driven fridges - these are 2-way portable refrigerators or inbuilt refrigerators for camping or caravans that can run on two different power sources – 240 volt AC, and 12/24 volt DC. Their other product range which is extremely popular for recreational cooling needs is the Waeco-Esky; there are lightweight, tough, easy to handle and come in sizes from 13 litres to 110 litres. A Waeco Ice Box (also known as a Waeco Esky) will keep your drinks icy-cold all day or keep fish and bait fresh on ice.

Choosing a Waeco product for your portable cooling needs is a perfect choice, but when buying one, you should consider these three factors.

•Size: Before buying you should grant some thought to the size of the refrigerator or cooling product. This will determine whether it will fit in your RV’s fridge compartment or the space on your car’s floor for example. If it does not fit well in the compartment, it will eat up extra space in an RV or caravan, eating into the space available for your folding table or bed. Keeping the fridge outside the fridge compartment becomes a problem when driving around, or it can create a problem for storing other important things.

•Capacity: Try not to go with the flow and buy a fridge that is over or under-capacity. Buying an oversized fridge will not only eat up space but also will consume more power. On the other hand, buying an undersized fridge or ice box will not let you store as much food or drinks as you would want to. You should consider the people who regularly go on the road trips with you and buy one according to your and their needs.

•Price: It is never wise to throw money on a fridge, cooler or esky that is not going to provide the great cooling you need. Granted, we all have a budget, but it is recommended that you opt for a quality brand such as Waeco that have long warranties on their products and are backed by national service agent support. Before buying a portable fridge or cooling product you should also consider its features and other factors like power consumption before you choose one. The money you spend up front on your portable fridge can also pay you back in the lifetime of the product with its energy efficiency.

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