3 Signs it?s Time to Find a New Transport Company

Posted by Amitava Sarkar on August 19th, 2016

If you work in manufacturing or construction, odds are your company contracts with a transport service that’s in charge of getting materials and heavy-duty equipment to various jobsites. For many companies, these transport services play a vital role. If important cargo isn’t delivered in a timely manner, missed deadlines and compromised production schedules are often the end result. While some delays are unavoidable, there’s no reason your company should tolerate habitual tardiness. After all, the actions of an unreliable transport service will ultimately reflect poorly on your organization.

If your company is less than pleased with their current transport service, it may be time to take your business elsewhere. When working with any transport service, occasional slipups are to be expected, but if a company has proven itself consistently unreliable, it’s best that you part ways with them. Continuing to entrust your transport needs to an organization that fails to meet your expectations will only result in more disappointment. If your current transport service exhibits any of the following traits, it’s recommended that you reevaluate their reliability and take the appropriate actions.

1. Habitually Late Deliveries

In some instances, late deliveries can’t be avoided. If a driver experiences unexpected vehicle trouble or becomes stuck in traffic, there’s a good chance their cargo will be delivered later than anticipated. If something like this only happens once in a blue moon, it’s a solid indicator that you’ve found yourself a good transport service – like Landstar System, Inc. Conversely, if late deliveries have become the rule instead of the exception, you’d do well to enlist the services of another transport company. Late deliveries have the power to set off a chain reaction - i.e., your crew is forced to begin work later and potentially miss a deadline, thus drawing the ire of clients. That being the case, habitual lateness on the part of transport services should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

2. Little to No Accountability

If a delivery is made late or arrives noticeably damaged, it’s only fitting that the company in charge of transporting it take responsibility. Amends can be made in the form of formal apologies, discounts on services rendered or outright replacement of the item(s) in question. However, if your transport company of choice refuses to take any of these measures or own up to their mistake in any way, don’t hesitate to give them the boot. When working with a transport service, it’s important to know that the company isn’t afraid to acknowledge its screw-ups and make things right. Companies that go out of their way to avoid taking responsibility for their actions don’t exactly fill clients with confidence.

3. Unwillingness to Keep You Informed

As a client, it’s only natural that you’d want to be kept abreast of your shipment’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, certain transport services don’t offer up-to-the-minute tracking. This is often done to keep clients in the dark about potentially late deliveries. With this in mind, look for companies that offer real-time shipment tracking. This ensures that you’ll be kept in the know about prospective delays, allowing you to alter your schedule accordingly.

If a transport company is unreliable, cutting it loose is often the wisest course of action. The longer you stay with an unreliable contractor, the more damage will be done to your company’s image. If the transport service you’re working with is severely lacking in timeliness, accountability or shipment tracking, they shouldn’t be able to count on your continued patronage.

About the Author: Paul Crow owns and operates a successful construction firm in his home state of Massachusetts. Whenever he needs to enlist the aid of a transport service, Jim places a call to Landstar System, Inc.

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