Video Poker Myths

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Las Vegas casinos are full of "crazy" video poker players. These players love the game-and why wouldn't they-but somewhere along the way they came up with some thought on how to win that's just plain false.

Today, we'll look at a few myths and see if there's any truth to them. If you're a sociologist in the making, spending hours in a Vegas casino might turn out to be an interesting study.

Myth: If I slam the buttons hard, the machine will respond.

Yes, you'll see this often-sometimes from frustrated players. It's just a machine and it has no sensors built in that tell it how hard something was pressed. The button was either pressed or it wasn't-that's it.

You might even see people who will only slam a button when they're about to receive cards. Others slam them when holding a card. Either way, it makes no difference. Of course, if you beat up the machine too much, security might come over to talk to you.

Myth: Cold Currency Works

I don't know where this started, but for decades many video poker players have put quarters, nickels and whatever in the freezer prior to coming to the casino-or they feel the change before accepting it from the change person.

The myth says that cold currency somehow tricks the machine into paying out. What?

This doesn't even make sense. The machine simply counts your currency and gives you the appropriate credits. It doesn't measure the temperature of your change. You could put hot or cold coins in the machine and your result will be the same.

Myth: Don't play credits or currency

This myth goes hand in hand with the previous one. There's a group of video poker players that believes you should only play credits-another group says only currency.

The thought is that the machine plays differently based on whether you're using credits or currency. As a player, you're always using credits. Even if you put money in, it's transferred to credits.

The machine doesn't care what you do and the casino has no preference. It's all money to them. Machines aren't set up to give "preference" to certain types of players.

In future articles, we'll tackle more Video Poker myths. Some of these myths are fun, but others can be detrimental to your bankroll. As a Video Poker player, you're first goal should be to have fun.

Educating yourself about how Video Poker machines work is a great first-step. Most, and I mean most, Video Poker players haven't a clue about the how the game works internally. They simply get all of these myths in their head and assume them to be accurate.

Once you get these out of the way, you can have a blast playing Video Poker and you can attack the game and seize your winnings.

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