The Magic of Mint

Posted by sunainaram on October 20th, 2016

As per Roman mythology "mentha" the damsel lover of God "Pluto" was transformed into this herb due to the anger of "Prosarpain", the wife of "Pluto" and Goddess of wealth, therefore, mint is called 'mentha' in Latin.

Mint known as "pudina" in most of the Indian Languages is a great carminative herb.

  1.        Fresh leaf juice of mint mixed with a tea spoonful of lime juice and honey given 2-3 times in the day cures indigestion, biliousness, flatulent colic, thread worms, morning sickness, iron deficiency, anaemia, summer diarrhoea etc. 
  1.        A half cup of mint tea taken twice a day is a good remedy for hiccough, colic, indigestion and cold mint tea taken 3-4 times, for 4 days before expected menstrual periods cures spasmodic dysmenorrhea in young girls. 
  1.        Gargling with mint tea mixed with salt clears hoarseness of throat which gets strained due to excess of talking/singing/shouting etc. 
  1.        A tea spoonful of fresh mint juice is an excellent tonic for the patients of T.B., Asthma, and Bronchitis. It liquefies the sputum, nourishes the lungs improves body resistance against infections. It prevents asthmatic attack by its secrolytic action and reduces congestion in air passages. 
  1.        Chew fresh mint leaves every day to improve dental health. The chlorophyll combined with other antiseptic chemicals present in the herb kills all harmful odour producing germs, strengthen' the gums and prevents tooth decay, pyorrhoea etc. It also improves the sense of taste of the tongue. 
  1.        Eat regularly mint leaves dressed vegetable salad to kill harmful bacteria present in the food, ease digestion, supplies fresh natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It improves urinary output. 
  1.        Apply fresh mint juice to face every day in the night to cure pimples and prevent dryness of the skin. 
  1.        Fresh juice application helps in curing insect stings, eczema, scabies, etc.
  2.        Adding few mint leaves to lemon juice or buttermilk improves digestion and relieves gases and makes an excellent drink. Pudina chutney is an added attraction on the dining plate and improves digestion.

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