How to calculate your property loan emi calculator?

Posted by Nikhil Pandey on November 9th, 2016

Property loan interest rates vary based on the loan amount, the applicant’s credit worthiness, and the prior relationship between the lender and the borrower. Property loan carries on among two types of interest rates – fixed interest rates and floating interest rates. While fixed rate remains almost unchanged (revised once in 5 years), floating interest rate keep changing with changes in the MCLR of the bank. 

The lending rates of interest decided by banks or leading private finance companies are determined by their cost of funds and the net interest margin they must earn to cover operating costs and book profits. Banks or private finance companies offer lower property loan emi calculator because they grant a loan against the security of the borrower’s property, which helps them to lower the financial risk.

These interest rates tend to be higher for people who work in the unorganized sector, while self-employed and salaried people who could produce stable income source usually receive preferential lower rates.

While deciding an individual’s maximum eligibility for a property, his or her income is considered. This helps the lender to determine the EMI that can be afforded in future and make payment easily.

Property loan EMIs consist of two key components, the principal repayment, and interest applicable on the loan amount. When the interest rates are high, the EMI component is also high, while the EMI’s principal repayment component becomes lower. Therefore, a property loan interest rate is crucial towards the calculation of property loan eligibility.

Property loans are offered for salaried and self-employed for the purchase of flat, row house, bungalow from private developers in approved projects and Properties from Development Authorities such as DDA, MHADA etc.

These loans can be taken at interest rates as low as 9 to 10% and come under fixed or floating rate basis concept. Some private finance companies offer property loan at attractive interest rates that make your loan affordable and easier on your pockets. They cater clients with solutions like loans in the form of adjustable rate of interest loan, Trufixed loan (2 to 3 year fixed rate variant) or Trufixed loan (10-Year Fixed Rate Variant). 

Understanding property loan emi calculator and the loan amount required is quite easy in this world of “INTERNET” oriented facilities. With online services you can check the loan eligibility, interest rates applicable, EMI set and other criteria related to documents, etc. anytime instantly while on the go. You don’t even have to sit beside a computer or your office for property loan inquiries. Leading private finance companies have come up with a mobile app to manage your day-to-day housing finance operations, making it easy and convenient for you. You can access it by simply logging into an online account at property finance company app. Besides, it offers additional advantage like downloading income tax certificates at a click of a button and view all the important information related to your property loan.

In today’s time banks or private finance companies come up with innovating and customized solutions for customers that will prove lighter on their pockets. The property loan emi calculator is quite attractive and vary slightly compared to each bank or private finance company. While choosing your property loan deal you will also have to estimate your personal worth and eligibility for property financing. Once you come to know the amount you get qualified for you can check the flexible repayment options for clearing off the debt.

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