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Nikhil Pandey

Nikhil Pandey

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Quick Tips to Find Lower Home Loan Rates
If given a choice to choose between 2 Home loan offers with different interest rates and every other condition being the same, one would choose the offer with the lower rates. The only party that would prefer the higher rates would probably be the lender.Financial products are complex and how rates are determined vary with different lenders. Different lend...
home loan, interest rates, loan offers, quick tips, rates, loan, home - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 3 Years Ago

3 Tips to Get Best Mortgage Broker and Home Loan Rate
Everyone needs a place they call their own; thus, many are on the hunt for a home which they can afford at the best home loan rate. There are different ways to avail a loan. One can secure a loan through the bank, mortgage brokers, and other lending companies. Since all of them have their own standards on loans, there is no real cut standard price for a loan...
home loan, loan rates, best home, mortgage broker, loan, home, broker - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 3 Years Ago

Loans against Property - A Lucrative Prospect
What is a loan taken against property? Simply it is the money borrowed from the bank while giving it some kind of assurance which is in this case any tangible item like a land, or a commercial property, or a built up property or even a residential object like a house. Even people who live in flats in cooperative societies can take advantage of the useful fea...
against property, loan against, loans against, residence proof, property, loan, against - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 3 Years Ago

Adapt a smarter way to calculate your housing finance?
Property loan emi calculator helps you calculate the monthly installment payable to the bank. You can compare loan offer from all banks, sort them from lowest to highest EMIs. The monthly installments vary due to different interest rates of banks. It is advisable to choose an EMI amount that best suits your pocket and your requirements.The current interest...
loan emi, emi calculator, interest rates, home loan, loan, emi, interest - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 4 Years Ago

Financing Home Improvement with Loans Is Simple
Dreaming of a perfect home, but cannot fulfill your dream due to financial constraints? When you have major home repairs or remodelling plans you'll quickly realize that the budget that is needed is probably more than you have in your savings account, or just not an amount of money that you want to take out of savings. You can fulfill your desire for "your h...
home improvement, loan against, home equity, against home, loan, home, against - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 4 Years Ago

Fixed Rate vs. Variable Rate Home Loans - How to choose the Perfect Home Loans?
To Fix or Not to Fix?If you are about to buy a house or you are about to refinance your home or investment loan you may be asking yourself, should I fix my loan or not? Everyone wants to choose the perfect home loan and so, no one wants to commit the mistake of choosing the wrong loan rate type. The question is more important especially now with interest r...
home loans, home loan, interest rates, house loan, variable, repayments, loans - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 3 Years Ago

Why the best home loan may not be the cheapest
Falling interest rates have brought housing loans back into the spotlight and many borrowers are even considering changing lenders to take advantage of what may seem to be an even cheaper rate.  Unfortunately it is not as simple as it sounds.Even if you did find a friendly bank you will almost certainly end up confused as there are now more than a tho...
home loan, best home, offset account, housing loan, loan, interest, home - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 4 Years Ago

2 Tricks to Help You Save Money on Your Home Loan Processing Fees
There are two main ways to save money on your home loan. The first is to refinance from a high interest rate to a lower interest rate. Interest rates are partially determined by your credit score and your payment history, so talk to a lender to find out what rate you can get. A 0,000 loan for 30 years at 7.25% would result in a payment of 05 per month....
processing fees, home loan, loan processing, save money, loan, home, fees - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 4 Years Ago

Home Loan Rates
Having a house you can call your own can be your ultimate dream and you will strive hard to obtain this. Looking for banks that will finance your home can be not that easy to do. However, it is easy to note also that banks are fighting it out to get clients for mortgage loans, and driving down interest rates in the process. However, for the home buyers, they...
loan rates, home loan, interest rates, credit history, rates, loan, home - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 4 Years Ago

Important Clauses to Check While Taking House loan
While taking a House loan, you should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement. The loan agreement consists of a number of clauses. These clauses may or may not be in favour of the borrower. So, one should carefully go through all the clauses mentioned in the loan agreement in order to avoid falling in traps. Some of ...
house loan, loan agreement, emi calculator, put penalty, loan, house, banks - Posted by nikhil294 - Posted 4 Years Ago

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