Come to know more details about refractories used in reheating furnace

Posted by annesheldon on December 27th, 2016

Heat treatment temperature of the reheating furnace is not high, generally its service temperature is lower than 1300℃.When you need any refactory products ,such as fire brick for sale , refractory nozzle ,refractory raw materials. Welcome to view our website anytime. 

For reheating furnace lining, usually we use Al-Si refractory materials which contains alumina 36-75%.

The reheating furnace is used for bloom, continuous casting, small steel ingot to meet the temperature needed for hot rolling of thermal equipment. Reheating furnace mainly includes pushing-steel reheat furnace, walking beam furnace and so on.?

Walking beam furnace is one type of continuous heating furnace. Its main characteristic is use walking beam hearth (walking beam) to drive furnace charge in the furnace run forward, instead of pushing machine after the furnace charge by running forward.

Each part of reheating furnace temperature usually remains nearly constant, which can be divided into low temperature zone, medium temperature zone and high temperature zone, its temperature is 800 ~ 900 ℃, 900 ~ 1200 ℃, and 1200 ~ 1300℃.

1. Plastic refractory(Al2O340%~45%) is used for charging side, exit side, pre-heat period, soaking period and heating period of top, etc. Plastic refractory(Al2O370%) is used for burner parts.

2. Mullite anchor brick (Al2O360% & Al2O380%) is used for pre-heat period, soaking period, heating period of top and other fields.

3. Clay anchor brick is used for loading side barrier, headwall, flue, etc.

4. Heat insulation castable is used for pre-heat period, soaking period and heating period of top.

5. High aluminum castable and precast block are used in walking beam and heating period of top.

6. Low cement combined with high aluminum castable and precast block are used for outlet end wall, and they both use brown fused alumina as aggregate.

7. In addition, the reheating furnace also uses insulation board and other kinds of ceramic fiber insulation materials.

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