Will The WWF Logo Change From a Panda To a Disappearing Polar Bear?

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on January 2nd, 2017

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization whose purpose is to protect the prospect and future of nature. For more than fifty years, this organization has made use of a huge animal, the Giant Panda as its logo. We are of the opinion that this logo should be changed since a recognized and well-researched report has claimed that the Panda is not prone to extinction anytime soon.
Research has shown that polar bears are more exposed to the danger of being extinct due to the occurrence of global warming. In one of the studies conducted by Grey London, it proposed that the population of polar bears is likely to reduce by one-third in the next forty years if global warming persists. It further came up with the idea of having the image of a polar bear as the new WWF logo as it is a perfect image that portrays climate change. The effect of human activities on climate change is known to be negative as it entails the death of various animals.
The name, Polar bear, rings a bell when the matter of climate change is being discussed. The use of its image will send a strong message about climate change. This agency, Grey London made a proposal to World Wildlife Fund for a free emblem/logo which will require replacing the Panda with the image of a polar bear. The agency is also willing to provide a complete rebranding without charging World Wildlife Fund any fee as it believed the organization needs to concentrate on more critical and crucial matters than spending more funds on rebranding. Grey London even suggested that with the unveiling of a change in logo, the World Wildlife Fund will be able to have a healthy communication when it comes to the issue of climate change.

Climate change is one of the dangers facing wildlife, the world and its inhabitants in general. Changing the logo of World Wildlife Fund to the image of a polar bear will depict the organization as a brand that is interested in supporting a sustainable conversation about the topic of climate change. This symbolic transformation will enable the World Wildlife Fund to lend its voice to one of the predominant problems the world is facing.

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