Home Loan Loan Refinance And Scams That?ll Rip You Off

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

With the upsurge of home loan loan refinance records, comes the rise of scammers wanting to rip-off unsuspecting home-owners. If you are thinking of applying for a new home refinance, you should learn how to recognize a scam when it?s staring you right in the face.

Puzzling Paperwork

When your lender gives you a 20-page document and asks for your signature ?here, here, and here? without clearly explaining what you are actually signing for, don?t you dare sign! Just as your mom used to tell you not to talk to strangers, you must learn not to sign strange and confusing documents, especially documents concerning your home loan loan refinance.

Read the whole document before putting your pen on paper. Look out for unusually wide spaces between a paragraphs and the dotted line as this definitely spells S-C-A-M in big, bright letters. Just imagine what scammers can type in after you afix your signature. Ask the loan officer to clarify any article that seems hazy.

Do not allow anyone to rush you or intimidate you into signing anything. Remember, it is your house, your money, and your future that?s on the line. When getting your home loan loan refinance, you must take all the time you need to review documents and other important matters pertaining to your loan.

Home Buying Seminars

Just as home loan loan refinance is spreading like wildfire, home buying seminars are sprouting everywhere. Before you sign up for this helpful program, try checking out the company giving the seminar and their fee structure.

Check with the Better Business Bureau for the company license or permit before handing in your hard-earned cash. A word of advice: stay away from high-priced seminars that require large advance payments as this usually means trouble.

Buy Back Scheme

Also known as ?reconveyance?, this method allows a third party to buy your property when you are struggling with payments or in danger of foreclosure and sell it back to you once you stabilize your finances. While this is a perfectly legitimate process offered by licensed companies, you still have to be mindful of unscrupulous lenders.

When going for a home loan loan refinance, avoid scammers by only doing business with established companies. Check on their records and if you must, contact a previous client of the company and ask about their performance. Do not just settle for testimonials on company websites and brochures.

Scammers seem to be getting smarter by the day. Do not let them outwit you. Arm yourself before getting your home loan loan refinance. They say prevention is better than cure and this is exactly how it is in this case. Do a little research on the companies you?re dealing with and the type of refinance you want. If the need arises, you can hire legal advice to help you on the matter.

Surely nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money or homes to unscrupulous, spurious, no-good scammers. It is just a matter of arming yourself with the right knowledge.

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