Mega vial proposal by Deadman Seasonal 4 Gold

Posted by CheriseSu on January 10th, 2017

Mega vial proposal by St. Bangui, the RS gold players, who do not like the fact that they broke, and can not be refilled. Giant vial bottle will not replace, but to supplement them. Players who feel the same might like this idea. First, carry up to 255 trillion vial dose of any given medicine, but can only carry six bottles of different bottles, they never degrade or fall apart. Unlike bottles, giant bottles are indestructible. Such as bonds, they will not be lost death, even in the wilderness, liquid although they will lose the will, they hold at that time.

Giant bottle does not fall / destruction options. Once made, they can not be removed from the game unless they carried an account is disabled. They can play from the player being traded, however large they are not on sale Exchange, unless they are empty. Finally, while Katherine vials are automatically stored in death, they always lose contentc, can not be recycled. To make things clear, they give up their content, even if they are saved.
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Vial also a giant pain created. Need 70 to make a unique, 24 of molten glass, and will eat 20,000 unique XP. You lose a distinctive XP through these things. Other players can be used to improve the manufacturing giant bottle, but the auxiliary systems can not, so people can not XP in snatch. A couple more things. Mega vials is very heavy, especially in filled with liquid. They are heavy enough to affect the energy you are running even in 99 flexibility. If you are carrying so much of Deadman Seasonal 4 Gold the surrounding liquid, expect your run energy fall fast. When you die, all the giant bottle is automatically emptied if they are saved or not. Saradomin brewing, they are indestructible would be a disadvantage, if you can not pick up. A drygore or something, because your inventory, are full.

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