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Posted by Albert Lee on January 11th, 2017

The revolutionary opening by Facebook is unveiling of its technical spec of active services for 360 videos for their fans and users. The motto of Facebook lives 360 videos is to concentrate on camera rather than content. In this business YouTube is already ahead with supporting the live streaming videos in the format where the video will surround the visitor. But the feature is not for everyone right now on Facebook, it is for the operating pages of National Geographic. To get success in the world of live videos, the live streaming should be made easier on social networking sites.

To access the 360 videos on Facebook, the users require high-quality hardware support to download the app and go live. There are many slow results of showing how to use live streaming videos on Google, but the best is Giroptic which helps to access the 360 videos only on one push on YouTube. To enjoy the live streaming of live videos you require the smartphone to overcome all the hardware problems. The conventional streaming of YouTube, Facebook or Instagram was possible on your regular cell phone because it has internet connectivity with the camera.

 On the other hand, for 360 videos you require a dedicated camera, such as the latest Samsung Gear 360 is the device to be paired with your mobile phone, but somehow this is also not a stylish solution for streaming. The camera should have the capacity to shuffle the video with internet bandwidth and simple way to be operated by the ordinary people.

By announcing the two latest features of live-streaming and 360 videos, the Facebook caught the attention of the Internet users on a large scale. The actual thing is that you can watch the videos in the real time if your mobile or desktop camera is supported with latest camera hardware functions. The first ever live stream video released was by the scientists of National Geography from the desert of Mars in Utah. You will be able to question and post comments on the scientist's feeds as the 360 live video will provide the scenes of the stimulating atmosphere in which the video is prepared and made it live for the public. For more information about the best SEO services India, visit this website.

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