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Research of Consciousness and Prayer : Know the Micro Effects of Prayer

Posted by lukachan on January 20th, 2017

In an as diverse a world as ours, it is quite impossible to place blind faith in someone and not worry about the consequences. From deceit to deception, one can fall prey to anything and that can destroy true pillars our world is founded on. When something of this sort happens, it is a loss not just for yourself but for the world too. To all this, there is a different side too, and that side is our faith and unconditional love for the supreme power that we lovingly call ‘God’. This unconditional faith has to have some basis, otherwise how is it possible for the curious and inquisitive human beings to believe so strongly in a deity that we cannot even see.

Discovering the basis

To unearth the basis on which the faith of billions of believers rests, many individuals indulge in thorough research of consciousness and prayer. Although the common beliefs of science and religion stand against each other, these particular individuals aim to co-relate the two and come to a conclusion for those who desire to know the micro effects of prayer and its impact on the lives of the commoners.

The curious minds desire more

It is a common fact that not all are created equal and thus, many of us are more curious than others. Due to these differences, many of the individuals embark upon the path to discover what works for those who have yielded benefits from constant and firm belief on prayers that they send to the Lord to answer. Also, for those who have yielded nothing, they are trying to find out what was missing in their prayers and why they were not answered?

Many organizations and individuals are contributing towards setting up testing facilities for deep research into prayers both online and offline. The benefits of online research is the reach that it provides to individuals and groups from all around the world to connect under a single platform. Based on their findings so far, they have come up with the book about working of prayers. It reveals many of the findings that these people have made all along the way.

They have reasons to believe that god chooses a few selected individuals and blesses them with subtle psychic and spiritual healing abilities. Most of these chosen ones are unaware of their abilities and powers, and the research is directed towards finding the deeply hidden information about such people. The connection between consciousness and prayer is also an interesting angle that these researches focus on.

About The Author: The author is an avid writer. He has written about research of consciousness and prayer.
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