Mini Portable Fridge Reviews and Discounts

Posted by mygenerator on February 6th, 2017

Portable fridges can make your life easy when on the move. Whether you go out for camping, fishing, or on a road trip, it aids you everywhere. It is the perfect little electrical device to store your food and beverages, all ready for consumption. Portable fridges come in different sizes generally ranging from 13 litres to 110 litres. You can find many different models from various brands to suit your particular requirements.

You can go for an upright style or a chest freezer model. Both of them are ideal companions for caravanning, fishing, camping, picnics, and other outdoor events. These fridges are made with the highest-grade insulation and high-quality compressors to maintain the temperature inside the fridge while consuming minimum energy for operation.

One of the most important choices you will be making is between an absorption 3-way fridge and a compressor 2-way fridge. An absorption 3-way fridge model can be powered by three different sources–AC, 12V DC, and LPG gas. This means that it can be operated using a direct power source, the vehicle battery as well as gas. You can connect it to any type of power supply whenever you need, though gas is the most efficient. But if your propane tank is empty, you have the option to operate it using other methods. If you are driving your car, you can even directly run it on the 12V car battery.

A compressor 2-way fridge can run on the 12V car battery or a regular 230V AC power outlet. Portable fridges of this style are able to provide a cooler temperature for a long time, even in hot weather. These fridges can even act as complete freezers if the need arises, which is one of the biggest advantages of the compressor 2-way fridges.

If you want to purchase a mini portable fridge, you can go online to find the right model for you. Start by choosing the right size of the fridge keeping your requirements in mind. You must also think about the space in your vehicle before buying a portable fridge. A sufficient warranty period and national service centres in your region are also important factors to consider while choosing a portable fridge brand. Then, you need to check out the reviews left by the customers on the website about the fridge models you have shortlisted.

Next, you can start looking for the best brands in the portable fridge industry. Some brands make more energy-efficient models than others. You will be able to find the details when you go online and compare a few different models that you are considering. You will also have a wider range of products to compare and choose from when you go online.

You may not be able to find discounts at a retail store when you go out to buy a portable fridge which is another reason you must consider purchasing your travel companion fridge online. Most online retailers give better discounts and deals than local stores. You can read customer reviews and feedback to find out the best online retailer selling portable fridges.

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