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Posted by BarryKinson on February 13th, 2017

Today the wireless internet connectivity in mobile devices is growing rapidly and becoming more and more popular in offices or home. Other featuring devices based on mobile applications are now being designed specifically for the need of advanced wireless technologies. Keeping this fact in mind lets discuss some of the important wireless broadbandservices.

EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution)

First introduced with the help of GSM networks in 2003, North America, now been available to the each & every corner of this world. It can increase the data transmission speeds & can improve the reliability of transmission of data with the mobile devices. Apart from that, it is slower than the other technologies of the same kind. It can transmit data with the speed of 236 Kbps, which is now below the standard for any broadband connection. But at the same time, its ideal speed is 473.5 Kbps, and that is why it is considered as the wireless technology.

EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) technology

Significantly faster than the EDGE technology, it can transmit data in the form of radio signals, and for only this reason it can be classified as the wireless broadband technology. It is very much employed in mobile phones around the world with the help of CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) networks; these are kind of cellular networks that can achieve high data transmission rates and also support the number of users.


With the downloading speed of 10mbps, this is an emerging wireless broadbandtechnology. By the coming years, it can expect from this technology to deliver the speed up to 40mbps. For its better connectivity, it must be run on the own network, and it cannot utilise the CDMA or GSM as compared the EDGE & EVDO technology which can do it better. It is significantly advanced wireless broadband network compared to the cable & DSL-based internet services.

LTE (Long-Term Evolution)

LTE or simply known as the Long terms evolutionis the technology of  high-speed wireless communication which can be used for the cell phones & mobile data devices like tablets.  Long terms evolution is specifically designed to allow up to 300 Mbps of downloading speed & up to 75 Mbps of uploading speed with the latency as low as 5ms. This technology works on multiple frequencies channels/bands which are often varied by country to country.

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