Top Five Advantages of High Quality Practice Management Software

Posted by Divya Raut on February 27th, 2017

If you’re running your own medical practice, you’re going to want the practice management software that will do the most to support your goals. It shouldn’t just be an EMR suite, it should also include the kind of customer relationship management (CRM) software that will help you to build your practice, meet the expectations of your patients, and continue to have a thriving business while helping people to improve their health. Having things like an easy way to order labs, a patient portal, retail options, and a host of other choices found in modern software can help you to get the most out of your time and provide your patients with the kind of information they need in order to stay in the best possible condition.                     

Here are five reasons why a practice management software solution like Power2Practice (P2) is exactly what you need in order to really take your office to the next level.

1. A Patient Portal Can Help You Connect With Your Patients

One of the most difficult things for any medical practice is making patients feel as if they are valued and receive the appropriate attention. With the rising costs associated with being a doctor, it is sometimes essential to spend less time with patients than they would like in order to see as many as necessary to simply keep the lights on. That’s why the right practice management software can be very helpful, especially if it serves as CRM software.

This simple to access interface can be logged into anywhere with a stable Internet connection and can go a long way toward helping to ensure that patients are getting the information and communication that they need. The patient portal provides access to a lot of valuable information that patients can use to help them achieve the best health results. For example, you can have their patient portal give them access to their medical records so that the patient can print them or send them electronically when necessary without having to ask your office to do that work for them.

Similarly, you can use your practice management system to upload important information to your patients, such as treatment instructions. Rather than having to call you for details they might have forgotten, they can access the patient portal and get the data in an instant. You can also include additional recommendations you might not have thought of at the time or discovered in later research. For the times when this sort of automated system won’t be enough, your patients can also use the patient portal to ask you a question directly. The system will notify you when a new question comes through and allow you to respond quickly and easily, passing on additional information or giving advice on your schedule.

That kind of information can be instrumental in helping you diagnose any problems they might face while also keeping them on track with your recommendations.

2. Improved Education for You and Your Patients

As much as we all would like to think we know everything, the fact of the matter is that we can’t even remember everything we’ve learned, let alone conceive of everything that we have never learned.The Power2Practice practice management software comes with The Metabolic Monographs. These 1000+ educational documents can help you to refresh your memory or provide patient education when you’re having trouble figuring out the best way to explain a particular concept.

One of the best things about this aspect of the CRM software is that you can take the monographs and upload them to your Global Practice Library so that your patients can access them through the patient portal. If your office works with IV therapy, you can also take advantage of the IV therapy protocols included in this practice management software. It’s easy to be able to see any of the more than 30 preloaded IV therapy protocols. If this is not something you’re currently offering, it may be a good idea to start since you already have a leg up, thanks to this incredible CRM software.

3. Enhanced Clinical Processes

An enormous problem with running your own practice is that many of the standard clinical processes are time consuming and very difficult to take care of. That’s why it’s a good idea to get practice management software that will help you to take care of many of these tasks in less time with higher levels of accuracy. For example,It only takes a moment to automatically order through the software. Once the results come in, you’ll be notified and then it’s easy to either call with the results, or make them available to the person in question through their patient portal.

While it’s a little more difficult when ordering specialty labs, it’s still much easier than ever before. Now you can just call the lab and manually place the order. After that, your CRM software will take that information and print out the requisition form so that you can send it home with your patient. Then, just like with the Quest labs, the results will be posted to you and you can choose to share it with your patient through their own portal.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s now easier than ever to capture clinical data with your practice management software and produce reports on trends or other information to support any sort of clinical research you may be doing or get a better idea of crucial data for your patients. Moreover, you can use the practice management software to add and keep on record many of your favorite compounds, lab tests, and panels, as well as the 30 IV treatment protocols discussed above.

4. New Sources of Incomes Are Available

A good way in which many practicing doctors can manage the payments necessary to keep an office running successfully, is by offering retail products that support their patients’ health and treatments. This not only provides convenience for their visitors, it also gives you the opportunity to promote products and specialty items for your office that you believe in. The Power2Practice CRM software provides you with a lot of ways to both make and save money. Perhaps the most prominent is that you can actually order a wide range of medical products for your office right through the system that you can then resell. There is a growing demand for medical-grade, physical-recommended products. While it’s easier than it’s ever been to buy medical equipment and supplements online, having the recommendation of a doctor that they trust can go a long way toward making a patient more comfortable with a purchase. Similarly, you can only sell products that you believe in that will help your patients get and stay healthier.

While the option is not currently available. You’ll have a choice of over 16 leading brands of professional-only vitamins and supplements to offer to your patients. Not only that, but because the practice management software is fully integrated, you’ll be able to note what would be appropriate on the patient’s chart, and then allow them to see that through their portal. If you don’t want to keep vitamins in stock, that’s ok as well. Patients will have a shopping cart in their portal that will allow them to place orders securely based on your recommendations. The cart is pre-loaded with what you are recommending so that all they have to do is put in their payment information and the items will be shipped directly to them.

You can also take advantage of the many savings that we’ve negotiated for our customers. Just using this practice management software gives you access to purchasing agreements that can significantly reduce your overhead. Because of the agreements we have made with them, group pricing can reduce lab work costs by up to 80%, depending on several factors.

Those aren’t the only available discounts, either. You can save up to 40% on medical supplies, officer supplies, phone service, and even more, thanks to the group discounts we have negotiated for our users. This is especially helpful for people who need to start up a new practice and don’t want to spend any more than they have to until they build a patient base, but it can also help established practices expand into new service lines.

5. Improved Efficiency

There is no reason why the basic tasks of running an office should be as difficult as they are. That’s why it’s such a good idea to have a full function dental exhibitions solution that will streamline your office and help you get more done in a day. For example, you can automate a lot of the paperwork you’d normally need somebody to do by hand. Patients can use their portal to fill out a lot of their paperwork before they even arrive at your office. Health histories and questionnaires are preloaded into the software, so you no longer need to have people fill them out by hand and then input them into files.


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