The Types, Benefits, and Uses of a Waeco Esky

Posted by mygenerator on March 8th, 2017

Waeco, a part of the Global brand Dometic, is one of the most popular companies creating refrigeration solutions for people on the move. The portable coolers or iceboxes from the brand are much sought-after by the people from different parts of the world. These are perfect companions for camping trips, fishing trips, long drives, and caravanning. They are also handy if your job requires you to travel or drive around.

While the older models used are made out of stainless steel and later, polystyrene, the latest models are constructed with two different layers to facilitate excellent insulation. Some of the latest Waeco esky iceboxes are made out of roto-moulded polypropylene and boast of refrigeration-grade insulation. They are sturdy and yet lightweight. Better insulation means that the contents inside the esky will last for a long time without the need to replace the ice bags frequently.

Waeco makes a range of eskies that come in different capacities with sizes varying from 13 litres to 111 litres. You can choose any one that suits your needs. Waeco eskies are easy-to-clean because of their simple designs.

Here are a few benefits and uses of the Waeco ESKY.

•    Waeco Eskies are lightweight and can be carried around easily. You can take them for picnics to retain the freshness of your food and keep your beverages at a cool temperature. You can also take them for your camping and fishing trips. They can easily fit in your vehicle as well.

•    These iceboxes can be used as a secondary cold storage in your home in addition to your refrigerator. You can also use them to carry back the perishable items such as dairy and poultry products from the supermarket, especially if the weather is hot. They can help improve the shelf-life of your food items.

•    If you like to go on long drives with your family, you can keep a Waeco esky in your vehicle to enjoy fresh food and cold beverages on the move. These iceboxes are compact and can be kept anywhere in the vehicle without taking much space. The ice can last for 3 to 10 days based on the usage and outside weather.

•    The fully integrated hinges with stainless steel rods and strong ABS latches make sure that despite rough handling, your Waeco Esky is going to last you for years. The drain plug is also well-built and drains the melted ice without letting any warm air enter the icebox.

The ergonomic polyurethane handles make it easy to lift and carry the icebox. These handles can also be used to tie the icebox while travelling to secure it in place. Despite the availability of cheaper iceboxes, people still prefer to buy Waeco Eskies because of their high-quality and competitive prices.

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