What Would You Chose? - A Doctor Or Technician For Your FUE

Posted by Riya sharma on April 6th, 2017

Have you ever thought that who would be performing better FUE method of hair transplant; a doctor or a technician? After reading this article you will learn that you should chose- a doctor or a technician for Hair Transplant In Indore?

Difference between a doctor and a technician

Many of us are not aware of the difference between a doctor and a technician performing hair transplant.

  • There was a time, when the hair transplant operating room was only handled by experienced doctors. Doctors are those who have pursued many years of medical school training conducting the most vital part of a hair restoration surgery. However, nowadays we have a team of technicians, who have replaced doctors. The technicians can also play the crucial role in hair restoration surgery that was played by doctors earlier.

  • Nowadays, Follicular Unit Extraction technique of hair transplant is being carried out by non-licensed technicians. These technicians usually have the informal medical training to carry out these surgeries successfully. While the doctors undergo years of medical school training.

  • In India the technicians are also given license to carry out the hair transplant. They can legally perform the procedure as the doctor. FUE technique of hair transplant is less invasive than a minor biopsy.

  • In India, it is observed that some hair transplant technicians are probably better than many doctors. Hence, you cannot say that always doctors are better than technicians.

  • You must always ensure that who is performing the procedure. Always confirm that is it the doctor that gets the credit for the results or is it technician? Clinics usually have the list of doctors and technicians along with their qualification on their websites.

  • Do not hesitate in asking about the experience of your doctor or technician.

You cannot say that whether a technician is good or a doctor. You must go under the knife of doctor and technician, who so ever is having good experience. Technicians and doctors, both are given license to perform hair transplant in India. There are cases where doctors fail to give hundred percent effective results.

You can undergo Hair Transplant In Indore by choosing either a doctor or technician. But you must know as it is the right of any patient to know who is going to do the surgery and what degree of involvement they are having.

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