The Symbolism and Meaning behind Large Buddha Statues

Posted by CraftVatika on April 15th, 2017

Large Buddha statues are not just meant for interior décor. It is a fact that large Buddha statues adorn households and offices with their exquisite design, workmanship and color. However, an important aspect that may slip the mind of many individuals is the symbolic value of these statues. These sculptures are deeply rooted in Tibetan culture, with strong beliefs. Buddha statues depict various meditating stances. For the uninitiated, here are a few interesting facts behind the possession of large Buddha statues in homes and offices.

Blessing to inhabitants in the classic ‘abhaya’ mudra stance

Buddha statues are crafted in various stances to convey different meanings. The large Buddha statue featured depicts the classic ‘abhaya’ or the “gesture of fearlessness” mudra stance. In this stance, the right palm is opened upwards, extended to chest level or higher. Ideally placed near the main entrance or the living room of residences, this statue powerfully blesses the inhabitants. Merely looking at the statue will grant protection, peace and inner security.

The laughing Buddha

Another of popular statues of Buddha, is the laughing Buddha -usher happiness and prosperity. A décor with Buddhism fengshui concepts, this statue is commonly believed to bring in good luck when the exposed belly of the Buddha is rubbed. Care needs to be taken to ensure that this statue is not placed close to the washroom or kitchen or the floor.

Medicine pair of Buddha statues

Ideal for placing in the home or the garden, this fengshui showpiece pair of Buddha statues is for those who hold a strong desire for enlightenment. It is believed that regular meditation on a Medicine Buddha statue will help in eventual attainment of enlightenment. During the process, the individual who madidates will also derive strong healing benefits. The healing benefits will extend to others in the family.

The ‘bhumisparsh’ Buddha

This stance is perhaps one of the most symbolic of the Buddha. It indicates the transformation of the Buddha, from one who is in a state of anger to one who is at peace with himself and the world. Being in possession of one of these statues will help to overcome anger and rage and help in finding great peace. This stance is of great significance because of the depiction of the ideals of the Buddha. It shows the enlightenment of the Buddha under the Bodhi tree and hence can also be called as one of the most important stances that can be associated.

Large Buddha statues are objects of classic art. They are not just collectables for the master workmanship, but for the qualities they possess and the symbolism conveyed through fengshui décor. These exquisitely carved statues radiate a strong presence combined with blessings to the inhabitants of the house where they are placed. The visual appeal elevates the décor of the space it adorns with superior material, finish, color and fine detailing that is difficult to ignore.

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