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Posted by Maria Girraffe on April 19th, 2017

One question that has haunted and troubled travelers across the globe is ‘what should I wear on this trip?’ We often find ourselves confused as soon as we plan a trip. The hard part is not deciding where to go but what to pack for it. Since you would be away from your home, you should not try and carry everything but only what is necessary and essential. What clothes to pack, shoes, accessories, small knick-knacks etc are tough decisions to make. If you pack incorrectly it can actually ruin your entire trip. So it is best to look at few tips around packing for travel that can help you sort out your packing woes:

*First and foremost always pack light for any travel. It is not necessary to pack a lot of clothes but only the ones you would be actually wearing. For example if you are going on a 10 day trip to a beach, don’t pack party clothes and heavy clothes. Just simple casual beachwear and pair of flip flops should do the trick. If it a business tour you are going for, packing formal shirts, trousers and suits would be ideal. Always carry one or two extra shirts for any contingency or wardrobe malfunction.
*Once you have decided the place that you are traveling to, it is advisable to check the weather for the duration you are going to be there. This comes really handy in sorting out what type of clothes to pack. A mismatch of clothes and temperature can make you real uncomfortable and might even spoil the pictures. So always try to be comfortable and dress according to the weather.
*There are a lot of packing for travel books, buy online before you take the trip and read the tricks of the trade by expert travelers. The content in these books is based on actual travel experiences and hence can come handy in case you are in a similar situation.
*Medicines, first aid kits, Swiss army knife, torch, matchbox and other safety tools should be packed and kept handy. Do not put these in a place where it would be difficult to search for them.
When you are traveling on an airplane, always consider the weight restrictions and items that are prohibited. This would make your air travel quite smooth.

Packing for travel should not be dreaded but enjoyed. You don’t take trips everyday so whenever you take one make sure to live it to the fullest. Take pictures, make memories, be adventurous and have a ball of a time on your next travel escapade.

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