Solid Surface Basin

Posted by RachelHJM on April 20th, 2017

Solid Surface Basins is also made from same raw material as Solid Surface Sinks. Solid Surface Basin is also made from Resin, ATH, pigment and auxiliary agent. The extraordinary versatility of Solid Surface Basins makes it the advisable choice for bathrooms. Solid Surface Basins combine beauty, functionality, durable through years of use and stain resistance with easy to care for, and the abundant design that make Solid Surface Basin all difference.

Solid Surface Basins enrich Solid Surface sanitary series because of the same material and same production process, just Solid Surface Basin’s finish is always glossy. Solid Surface Basin is usually used as countertop series, so popularly and wildly applied for bathroom and washroom. Solid Surface Basins is different form ceramic basin.Though ceramic basin’s finish is very high glossy, ceramic basin is easy to be broken. And the ceramic basin can’t be repaired after it cracked or damaged. But, Solid Surfaces Basin is more smooth, impenetrable seams, and are more impact resistant. And if there is some scratch marks or some damaged marks on the surface of Solid Surface Basin, it is easier to be repaired. And after repair, the Solid Surface Basin will look like new ones.

Solid Surface Basin is also different form granite Basin. As you know, if granite basin is not sealed regularly, it can become stained, harbor bacteria, viruses and mold. But, Solid Surfaces Basin are nonporous with smooth, impenetrable seams to prevent unwelcomed germs and mildew. Solid Surfaces Basin are also more impact resistant than granite. plus, curved and circular designs are easier and less expensive to fabricate.

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