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Do I Need To Have My Nose Packed After Nose Reshaping?

Posted by soniya on April 25th, 2017

For those who want to change the look of the nose or for those who are facing severe breathing problems, Nose Reshaping is a boon.  On the other hand, several problems like birth defects, snoring, sinusitis etc. are also treated with the help of this amazing treatment. Rhinoplasty surgery is beneficial but after all, this is a surgical procedure and it brings some discomforts certainly. One of such most discussed matter of discomfort is nasal packing. There are several sub-procedures of rhinoplasty that are uncomfortable for the patients. However, doctors try to minimize the discomforts and risks but due to surgical natural of this treatment, the patients who are about to have this treatment feel scared and confused. For such patients, it is necessary to know what is nasal packing is exactly.

Let us know!

What is Nasal Packing?

Nasal packing is an essential step for the rhinoplasty surgeons for many years. in this step, they usually pack the nasal cavities with cotton or gauze. It is used to prevent or control bleeding or dripping. Nasal pickings have many types and the doctors use them according to the situation and experience. How long they use the nasal packing is also not certain. Some of them may use it for one or two days and some use it for more days as well. There are a lot of doctors who don’t use it nowadays. Actually, this all depends on the experienced of the doctor and advancement of the technology.

Do the patients really need it?

Most of the surgeon use different forms of packing which are ultimately uncomfortable for the patients. According to the doctors, nasal packing is required in many of the cases like when the correction of a deviated septum is required. However, most of the modern rhinoplasty surgeon think nasal packing is not required when latest and modern rhinoplasty technologies have replaced the traditional ways to deal with the nose problems.

Some doctors agree that if the surgery is handled carefully, the level of bleeding can be reduced to its minimum level and in this case, the use of nasal packing is useless. Most of the modern surgeons are aware of the discomfort the patients have when nasal packing is applied and removed after a certain time. Therefore, with the help of modern techniques, they are making this step unnecessary day by day. However, in certain cases when bleeding is excessive, nasal packing becomes a requirement.

Can the nasal packing be infected?

Most of the rhinoplasty surgeons prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. Therefore, in most of the cases, nasal packing is safe. Still, if the patient feels any kind of discomfort, he should immediately inform the surgeon.

When to remove the nasal packing?

The time of the removal of the nasal packing totally depends on the surgeon. Every surgeon desire for a safe and successful surgery that is totally free of risks. Therefore, whatever he does or decides should be followed by the patients.

Different procedures of any surgical treatments are painful or uncomfortable and the doctors try to explore more comfortable ways. However, the patients must have faith in decisions of the doctors and wait for successful results.

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