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Posted by John Mathew on April 27th, 2017

Why do video game graphics make such great t-shirts? Is it because the characters are not so ordinary and can defy logical belief, making the t-shirt design eye-catching and stand out in the crowd?

To understand this, we have to start from the basics.

Think about the source material that is used for funny video game shirts, it is based on the most vivid imaginations. It is an aesthetic expedition where anything is possible and can be created, making the video game t-shirts industry something that can be at the forefront on t-shirt designs. Some of the most innovative t-shirts have come from computer games.

Games can push the most vivid of imaginations. In a world that is constantly crying out for something original, unique and thrilling at the same time, game shirt designers are able to create some of the most fantastic looking shirts in the market.

Look around and you will see the amount of people buying t-shirts based on computer games. It has become a massive market and is still growing. Using the latest online and social media marketing techniques, the business has become huge. And it is showing no signs of slowing down.

So, think which is your favorite gaming character and you’ll get a t-shirt that not only resembles but also clones your perception into the design itself.  

The market is filled with:

Funny video game shirts:

These t-shirts are possibly the most popular, they are usually your favorite character put into an unusual situation or has a common saying that is currently popular in today's teenage vernacular. These tees can age quite quickly but there are some great designs out there.

Retro video game shirts

Lots of online stores have this apparel section that features the older games, such as pong, space invaders or Pac-Man. They take iconic images from these games and print them on a tee, it could simply be a screen shot of a level of the classic original software or even just the main character by themselves.

Game Over T-shirts

These t shirts are fairly popular, they usually based on the game over screen your game portrays when you have expended all your gaming lives. Nowadays these shirts have crossed over into mainstream humorous shirts. The phrase 'game over' is now part of popular culture and can see this phrase on many types of shirts, not just video game shirts.

You can also find a variety of funny video game posters on these sites for your room. So go ahead and make your pick.

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