What is the link between gum diseases and heart diseases ?

Posted by Divya Raut on May 4th, 2017

Paying attention to your dental health will especially gums will pay back with an appealing, gleaming and health teeth and smile. Dentists in Borivali say that it will keep maintaining oral health that will keep your heart healthy too. More than 80 % of the people live with the dental and gum diseases which go undiagnosed as they don’t seek for help with the dentist and people rarely focus on the oral health. In the recent study carried out by the Dentists in Borivali said that there is clear evidence that if a person has gum diseases at moderate or advanced stage he is likely to have heart diseases. Oral health and heart diseases are linked together by the spread of the bacteria and germs which pass from your mouth to the other organs of the body.  When the bacteria are passed to the heart it can cause attack on any area and inflammation will be developed. This can result in illness and also cause infection at the inner lining of the heart. Other cardiovascular diseases have also been linked to inflammation caused by oral bacteria.

Patients who have chronic gum and periodontal diseases have a high risk of heart diseases due to poor oral health particularly if remained undiagnosed and untreated.  Dentists in Borivali even if you don’t have inflammation problem inadequate oral hygiene and accumulated tar can lead to heart disease. The deposition of plaque over the teeth can lead to serious problems like blood clotting and it can also clot blood flow. Periodontal diseases can be detected easily as they have visible signs and symptoms which include bad breathe, gums become red and swollen, gums bleed while brushing teeth. If you have any such symptoms check for periodontal diseases with your dentist.

Dentists in Borivali have given a few tips to avoid gum and periodontal diseases which can be hazardous and lead to heart diseases:

Regular healthy habits of maintaining oral hygiene can lower your risk of both gum and periodontal diseases. You can actually avoid serious conditions by maintaining good oral health regime. If the person has both the health diseases the following tips can help you reduce the impact.

•Brush and floss regularly twice a day. This will help you remove the plaque of the teeth and the bacteria as well which gets deposited over teeth and the tooth loses enamel.

•Choose a right kind of diet that has essential nutrients especially vitamins A and C. Reduce the intake of food stuff which contains sugar and starches.

•If a person smokes cigarettes or chews tobacco daily he will be prone to gum diseases. Even smokeless tobacco can destroy your gums and increase the risk of gum and heart diseases.

•It is advised to visit a dentist regularly to checkup and examine the teeth. Many a times oral cancer is detected during regular checkup. Your dentist can examine illness and can detect gum disease and periodontal illness easily. Always tell your dentist your medical background and current medical conditions tell him about the medicines you are consuming currently. This will allow the dentist to give proper medication. 

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