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Posted by johnpreston on May 10th, 2017

Welding companies have transformed other sectors by helping them deliver quality services to customers as well as seeing the products that result from their work contribute to the success of so many daily activities in manufacturing, business, and in our lives. For years now the best welding providers in America have performed the essential function of facilitating the growth of industries like aerospace, agriculture, petro-chemical and defense.

These companies have taken advantage of technological advancement to improve the experience of their customers. While welding may seem like a simple trade, there are many levels between basic welding and the most sophisticated automated welding systems that have first-rate quality control.  So it stands to reason that the way you choose your welding services provider matters. If quality and professional services are what you are looking for in a welding company, then consider working with Tech-Weld, Inc.

Tech-Weld is a renowned, full-service custom manufacturer of tanks, precision welded tubes, weldments, and cones. With over 70 years of experience, the company has made its customers happy by providing quality welding solutions for businesses in many industries.

One way the company achieves such high customer satisfaction is by making use of different welding methods. One of the methods employed is TIG welding. This method gives the company the ability to weld different metals with ease without the standard clean-up requirements. Welding with this method helps speed up the manufacturing process as well as effectively meeting customer expectations for turnaround time.

Alongside the TIG method, Tech-Weld also uses MIG welding. Although this procedure is not suitable when welding aluminum metal, it gives a better weld-pool profile. One of the most valuable characteristics of this method is its ability to be easily automated. The company has invested in technology to ensure the highest quality of service delivery for its customers. Some of Tech-Weld’s innovations are found in the areas of cone rolling, seam welding, plasma welding and custom crating, among others.

Tech-Weld’s experienced team of trade professionals also offers tank welding services to its customers. One of the leading consumers of these services is the petroleum industry, along with the water and air treatment industries. This has made transportation of LP gas a success. The agricultural sector has also benefited from these services.

Tech-Weld is proud of its focus on custom and quality. Its owners ensure that their customers benefit from the highest standards of quality control and customer service in the industry, while also being dedicated to providing metal fabrication services that meet industry standards for ISO 9001, AS9100 and Nadcap certifications.

About Tech-Weld

Tech-Weld, Inc., is a full-service custom manufacturer of precision welded tubes, tanks, cones and weldments. Based in Elburn, Illinois, Tech-Weld has been family run for generations and is now respected as one of America’s premier welding companies for aerospace, automotive, petro-chemical, water and air treatment and agricultural welding needs.  For more information, visit


Tech-Weld Inc.
801 E. North Street
Elburn, IL 60119, USA
Local Phone: 630.365.3000
Hotline: 800.521.8823
Fax: 630.365.0506

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