Choosing Cored Wire for Robotic Soldering

Posted by Alphaassembly on May 19th, 2017

Robotic soldering has helped improve the process of small and large scale PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing while keeping production and labor costs low. Robotics has helped boost productivity, reduce rework, and improve the quality of electronic components and products, too, as it minimized or completely eliminated common issues in soldering, like spattering, bridging, and problems caused by human error. However, be sure to choose the right cored wire before automating the soldering process to maximize the high-speed assembly benefits of robotic soldering, and to be more confident in the quality of the results. Take note of the following guidelines for selecting the right materials for robotic soldering:

•    Cored wire for robotic soldering - Reputable manufacturers of flux cored solder wire specifically formulate their products to be suitable for robotic soldering to make sure that the process can produce consistently excellent solder joints and deliver high throughput yields. The cored wire must be made to the highest industry standards to ensure electro-chemical reliability, low flux spatter, and fast wetting. Some flux cored wires are halogen-free to meet environmental protection standards.

•    Determine the type of flux – High-quality halide-free and halogen-free flux cored wire produces minimal spatter and wets fast, making it one of the high-performance cored wires when benchmarked against alternatives containing halide and halogen. Rapid wetting ensures that the flux can meet the drag soldering requirements and other soldering needs in robotic soldering. It dries clear, enabling easy inspection of the solder joints. Lower spatter rates help keep the board aesthetically pleasing and clean, while maintaining user comfort. Likewise, it ensures an environmentally compliant and safe product that is easy to use and operator-friendly.

•    Cored wire for meeting JIS Class AA requirements – Cored wire that has less than 1,000ppm of halide is ideal for robotic soldering of lead-free and no-clean applications. Formulated to meet industry standards and requirements, it ensures high SIR reliability with superb spread characteristics. It complies to the IPC flux ROL1 classification, too. The material is operator-friendly and safe to use with low-spatter and fast-wetting, and it dries clear to enable easy inspection.

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