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Posted by zicojiayuan on May 28th, 2017

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Introduction of our best custom size plastic handle lunch box tin:

This kind of colorful small round transparent lid tins, are carefully crafted with high quality 0.23mm tinplate. The lid of the lunch box containers overall is with 3D embossment, which makes the lunch box tin to be a visual effect on the impact to consumers and also play an invisible propaganda role. You can also emboss your logo or design on the lid or at the bottom, the purpose is to show the brand with the way of three-dimensional.

Qingyuan Max Tin Cans Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has its own planning and design, mold development and manufacturing, printing, big tins manufacturing, sales and other one-stop service purposes. We have more than 1,000 sets of public mold. We aim at reaching the truly international quality, domestic prices.


lunch box tin specification

Producing Process of our custom size plastic handle lunch box tin:

lunch box tin printing lunch box tin cutting
printing                                                cutting

lunch box tin punching lunch box tin packaging
punching                                              packaging

Advantages of our custom size plastic handle lunch box tin:

1. Lunch box tin: Max Tin Cans uses high quality tinplate and printing ink.
2. Custom lunch box tin is acceptable: Max Tin Cans can make the design and print according to the customers’ requirement. Max Tin Cans manufacturer has a strong mould making team.
3. MOQ of lunch box tin: Max Tin Cans can meet the requirements as the market need.
4. Good service: Max Tin Cans manufacturer has good service, which can help our customers buy best lunch box tin with a reasonable price form China. Max Tin Cans just treats our customers as friends as well as the family.
5. Good Quality: Max Tin Cans manufacturer has strict qulaity control system to ensure the quality of our lunch box tin.
6. Price of lunch box tin: We are a lunch box tin manufacturer. Lunch box tin are wholesale tins so that the price is lower. 
7. Max Tin Cans also can supply free samples for your reference.


1. Put it in a ventilated and dry place, because lunch box tin are made of tinplate, the material whose ingredient is iron, who will rust when meets water.
2. Do not drop. Empty lunch box tin are easy to be deformed by heavy drops.
3. Be careful of scratches. To print on the tin box is in order to make it beautiful. Printing is easy to be damaged by sharp, tough, hard things.



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