Hair Transplantation is a Low-Risk Surgery When Best Hair Doctor Involved

Posted by komalcosmetic on June 5th, 2017

Title of this post might confuse you as earlier you might have heard a lot that hair transplantation is high risk surgery. However, you cannot deny the fact that if best hair doctors are involved in the surgery then hair transplantation is said to be the low risk surgery. Hair Doctor in Ahmedabadare the best doctors for hair transplant surgery.

In this article, you will get to know about different prospective related to surgery. And you will be able to correlate, how important is to find best hair doctor for successful hair transplant.

What Kind of Anesthesia is Required for Hair Transplant?

In this surgery, the procedure of harvesting and transplanting are done with local anesthesia. Usually, a numbing medication, lidocaine is injected into the skin so that patient does not feel the pain involved in the procedure. It is not required to put the patient to sleep completely for the hair transplant. This is the reason, hair transplant is said to be surgery of low risk. According to hair doctor, even normal anesthesia involves a much higher chance of complications. Use of local anesthesia makes the surgery very safe and the use of lidocaine rarely causes any reactions.

How Much Pain is Involved in the Surgery?

Actually, this factor depends on doctor, whom you have chosen. If hair doctor is highly experienced then there are low chances of any complications taking place. However, it also depends on your individual pain tolerance. Hair transplant make use of either an incision with a surgical blade or a punch tool to harvest hair grafts. If grafts are harvested through the incision then it requires stitches to close it.

Both the technique of hair transplant are surgical procedures so with any surgical procedure, a certain amount of pain is estimated. However, FUE is less painful than FUT as it does not require an incision.

Finding an experienced Hair Doctor is much important if you want to undergo painless surgery.

Specific Risks Involved in Hair Transplant Surgery

Since both the primary techniques of hair transplant are surgical, so there is certain level of risk involved. Following are some difficulties that you may experience if you fail to find an experienced doctor. You might have

  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Pain

  • Scarring

  • Unsatisfactory results

If you want to avoid these risks then find best doctor for Hair Transplantation in AhmedabadLike kinnar kapadia who is Mch Certified Doctor and plastic surgeon in Hair Transplant and highly Experience

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