Choosing An International Holiday For Your Honeymoon

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Let?s face it: it takes a lot of work to plan for a wedding. But, deciding where to go on your honeymoon once the knot has been tied is all about fun and fantasy. Your first holiday together as a married couple should be a delightful fulfillment of your dreams, a chance to enjoy the company of the person who means the most to you. This might just be the most romantic vacation you will ever experience, so consider these international locations when choosing the perfect spot.

1. There is no limit of beautiful destinations to choose from when planning a honeymoon. One of the most popular, however, remains Hawaii. Sought out by honeymooners the world over, the Hawaiian Islands offer the excitement of discovery: there is always an variety of beautiful views and fun experiences to keep you on your toes. Just sitting on a beach and watching the sunset with the love of your life might be worth a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. But if you were looking for something to fill the other twenty-three hours of the day, you could golf on some of the most beautiful courses on earth. Whatever you are looking for from your honeymoon, you can find in Hawaii.

2. Tour the coast of southern Europe. The Mediterranean region offers both beauty and culture to the couple looking for a variety of experiences. Travel to Italy, where you can enjoy the sand by the sea and the beautiful mountain scenery of the Alps. Visit Rome and Vatican City, where you can take in ancient ruins and Baroque statues on one guided tour. In northern Italy, you will find the vibrant cultural centers of Venice and Milan. Stop off in the Florence and visit some of the most renowned museums in the world.

3. When looking for the perfect tropical destination, you cannot beat Tahiti. This Polynesian island might just be the closest thing to paradise on earth. There are pristine beaches to explore, of course, but also the rustic town of Papeete which has plenty of shops and eateries to appeal to tourists. Take a cruise tour of the surrounding islands, or even go below the water and visit the coral reefs.

4. Another tropical option is Anguilla, a tiny island near the British Virgin Islands. Anguilla is the place for couples who just want to relax and bask in the glorious sunshine. Besides the perfect beaches that you would expect from an island in the Caribbean, you can also expect to find hospitable lodgings and restaurants. This island is just the place to enjoy that perfectly romantic sunset.

5. The islands of Fiji combine pristine beaches with spectacular mountain views. Located in the South Pacific, it is one of the most beautiful locations you could find. Fiji even allows you to book a private island for a day! Spend a the day alone the person you love best, running down the beach, swimming, eating a delightful lunch and finally, relaxing on the beach as the sun sets. What could be better?

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