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The branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and providing treatment for a specific injury or illness with the help of imaging technology is called Radiology. It is also called radioscopy or clinical radiology. The term ‘imaging’ in radiology refers to the picture creation of the internal pattern of the human body with the help of radiation.

Two common branches of the radiology field are - Diagnostic radiology and Interventional radiology. For cancer treatment, therapeutic radiation is used. The process of providing direct cancer treatment through radiation is called as radiation oncology.

Diagnostic Radiology: In diagnostic radiology, health care professionals image the internal structures of the body. The specialists in this field are known as diagnostic radiologists. The diagnostic images taken by these specialists are used for diagnosing your condition along with the symptoms, the cause of the symptoms and body’s response to the treatment that is being provided for your injury or illness.

The x-rays help doctors to detect cancer and heart illnesses among other abnormalities. Certain radiology tests or modalities that are commonly used are Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CAT scans (computerized axial tomography) CT scans (Computed tomography), Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), Mammography, Plain x-rays, Nuclear medicine, ultrasound and PET imaging.

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Interventional Radiology: The specialists in this field are called Interventional radiologists. CT scans, MRI and Fluoroscopy modalities are used by these specialists to conduct imaging procedures that can help with providing treatment for several illnesses. When special instruments or catheters need to be inserted into the body of the patient, this kind of diagnostic imaging is very helpful. It helps the surgeons when they need to make small incisions.

The technology used in Interventional radiology helps specialist to detect and treat conditions in various body parts without using a scope or conduction open surgery to look inside. Many kinds of cancer or tumors along with any occlusions in the veins or arteries can be diagnosed and attended during the Interventional imaging. Doctors can also detect other conditions such as back pain, liver or kidney problems.

Other types of Interventional radiology procedures include needle biopsy, angioplasty, tumor embolization, etc.

The duty of a radiologist is to obtain fine images and review them thoroughly as radiology plays an important role in diagnosing a condition. If a mistake is made during imaging, it could lead to a wrong diagnosis and some serious conditions could be overlooked. In traumatic cases, radiology is required at some stage in order to examine patients suffering from injuries. A radiologist explains the procedures and ensures that patients are calm and comfortable. These specialists also examine the medical history of the patient which helps with diagnosis. The medical procedures involving radiation are controlled and need to be thoroughly justified because of the risks involved. However, those risks are always outweighed by the benefits of the diagnostic procedures for the patient’s current health. The radiology practices operate with the ALARA principle in mind, which means – as low as reasonable achievable. This implies that every procedure is performed with as little radiation dose possible while still producing quality diagnostic imaging. At EastMed radiology we use DR X-ray systems (Digital Radiography). These are the systems where digital sensors are used instead of traditional X-Ray film. This technology allows faster processing and less radiation dose.

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