The Skateboarder Is A Unique And Fascinating Person

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Skateboarding has grown in popularity over the last several years and anyone that rides a skateboard can be called a skateboarder. Most skateboarders are males although a few females engage in the sport as well. A skateboarder not only engages in the art of skating around on a board, they engage in a lifestyle. Where there is one skater there are usually more very close by, as they do skate together in groups.

Skateboarders can be seen everywhere from shopping mall parking lots to city sidewalks. This sport has grown so much over the past fifty years that it is now known worldwide. The first skateboarders had to make their own skateboards which was usually very simple and made from planks with wheels attached. Eventually, some of the more enthusiastic skateboarders decided it was time to design, create and manufacture new and improved skateboards. Teens were greatly attracted to these news boards because it allowed them to learn more tricks and daring stunts.

By the end of the 1990?s many skateboarders became known as punkers. However, there are still many regular teens, Goths, nerds and even a few adults that love the sport of skateboarding.

All skateboarder?s regardless of how they view themselves is so in love with this sport that skateboarding is all they think about. All skateboarders get along and the more experienced skaters are always interested in helping beginners and giving tips. They enjoy socializing with each other and just generally having a good time. With the exception of competitions, skateboarders just love to hang out and ride together. Still tricks and stunts is a big part of it and skateboarders have to learn and progress at their own pace. They learn to deal with the accidents and injuries that accompany this sport and learn how to push beyond their limits.

If you want to be a skateboarder it is very easy to do. Buy a skateboard or design your own to your taste and start practicing. As a skateboarder you also want to make sure you wear the right clothing and shoes while riding. There are a lot of accessories available many of which you should consider using for safety reasons such as helmets, knee and elbow pads. Other accessories just look good and help to get you in the sprit of skateboarding like T-shirts, stickers, backpacks and more.

Skateboarders are normally in great shape because they really have to exert some energy to perform this sport. It?s fun, changeling, builds confidence and teaches persistence. What more could you ask for in a sport?

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