This is How the Jump Manual Can Help You out?

Posted by Jacob Hiller on June 17th, 2017

The jump manual is a somewhat unorthodox training routine. Not many people know about it in fitness circles. It’s not heavily promoted, and is not really taken into consideration.

Regardless, it is a very effective training routine.

The jump manual is a workout system that focuses on training your lower body for maximized performance. It drastically improves your lower body stamina and fast twitch muscles. It’s a training routine that allows you to stay on your feet longer, and jump higher.

Almost any athlete or sports lover can benefit from the jump manual. Regardless, there are a few crucial activities where using the jump manual can be of extreme aid. We’ll be mentioning those below.

After all, you may be a participant in one of the following activities…

(1) Basketball.

The jump manual is a godsend for basketball players. In basketball, jumping high and fast is important. A good jump is vital for dunking, or for passes in tight positions.

If you’re short or lack jumping power and you want to dunk better, than try the jump manual. A lot of individuals report increases in jump height of close to 10 inches! That is around a foot.

Dunk blocks are also improved with the jump manual. With improved fast twitch leg muscles, you can faint jumps, or even jump higher than an opponent to block.

As for passes, you can get over or maneuver tall opponents to pass the ball. You could even attempt a dunk while doing so.

This is a vital improvement, especially if you’re short. As you know, short people are really disadvantaged in basketball. Thus, the higher you can jump, the better.

(2) Gymnastics.

Ever looked at a gymnast’s legs before? They tend to be quite muscular. There’s a definite reason for that.

Gymnasts aren’t just people doing backflips and flashy moves. They’ve got to practice balance, and thus need grounded legs that can last long.

This is something the jump manual can provide to you. An increase in jump height is important to perform stunts well. It’ll aid you in practice greatly.

Beyond the obvious improvement in jump height, your leg stamina drastically improves. You can stand on your feet longer, move faster, and be more effective in general.

(3) Running Sports.

It could be any kind of sport that requires running, whether it be soccer, or jumping hurdles.

If you’re hurdle jumping, you’re both sprinting and jumping at high speeds. Not only do you need legs that can last you long, but you also need to jump accurately and fast.

Even casual running sports such as parkour can benefit from the jump manual. This applies especially to heavy urban settings, where you’re jumping between rooftops or over obstacles such as walls and fences.

As you can see, the jump manual overall has insane benefits to both professionals and amateurs. You don’t need to get the manual for a sports event that requires practice. It could be for everyday athleticism.

So why not sign up for the workout routine now?

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